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Natural Synergy Cure System is a DIY audio product that uses step-by-step painless ancient essential acupressure technique similar to Chinese acupuncture, and Chi Gong energy meridian cleansing that is tailored to treat both small and serious diseases including, chronic pain, influenza, cancer, arthritis, chronic over-weight problems, and cardiovascular diseases.


Although acupressure is similar to acupuncture, natural synergy uses acupressure, in which the needles do not enter the skin, so it’s pretty much painless. It is a cross-bridge between Health and Fitness and Spirituality because cure happens naturally with no use of drug



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What is Natural Synergy system?

Natural synergy cure is supper easy to use because it is non-invasive, and has the potential to help individuals to get relive very quickly, take less medication, avoid addiction and it promotes general good health. It’s a powerful all-in-one pack self-healing system.

Natural synergy cure system uses the principle of vibration frequency together with energy meridian acupressure.


The best thing is that the product is a digital self-healing therapy, so it remains with you for life and you can use it to help your loved ones who have chronic lifestyle diseases.


It uses holistic approach to cure, and the healing gets to the root cause of ailments rather than treating symptoms with drugs.

The western medical drugs can not cure or heal the root causes of many chronic diseases. Natural synergy cure goes to those root causes and is made so simple and easy for anyone to use.


How Natural Synergy cure system got wide spread popularity


The co-creators of this product, Dr. Lin Xiaoxi and Emily J. Parker, after near death accident of a patient used it on the struggling patient, and natural synergy cure revealed the healing force of nature.


A Western guy ended up in a hospital after an awful accident and was undergoing painful therapy sessions at the end of a major surgery.


The patient knew he might become a victim of “prescription cascade”, a medical condition of needing more pills to treat the side effects of the previous prescription, resulting in kidney over-drive and deteriorating health conditions that eventually shortens the life-span.

Fearing his condition will not improve quickly, the patient searched around for natural healing methods and met a Chinese lady who told him, about how the inbuilt body mechanism can restore the natural balance of energy in the body and can heal itself quite rapidly.


She told the patient that she has a similar method to acupuncture but one that doesn’t require needles and can be easily practiced. The practice only needed his ability to hear and touch.


And so, the patient was introduced to natural synergy and soon after received holistic healing. After seeing that, Emily and Dr. Lin decided that this knowledge must be made available to the masses who are struggling with ailments and chronic diseases.


How does Natural Synergy Cure System Work?


Acupuncture and acupressure have been practiced in china for thousands of years to stimulate these acu-points in the body to enhance holistic health.

Stimulating particular acu-points unleashes the full healing power of the body. Chi Gong healing clinics have been using these methods for thousands of years and is still used today.


Quite recently this extraordinary method was introduced to the western world. It works by sending a message to the central nervous system causing the release of pain-killing endorphins: noradrenalin, and enkephalin; which help to block the signal of pain to the brain.

As well as ‘beta-endorphins’, which through scientific study, have been found to be stronger than morphine.


We disrupt our natural balance with chemicals, poor diet and unnatural irritants and our natural flow of energy becomes congested or blocked.

When there is an energy blockage, pain and disease manifest easily because our vibration frequency is very low at that time.

Natural synergy clears these energy meridians using the yin-yang principles and a holistic miracle healing takes place.


My personal Testimonial

I have personally healed from Chi Gong (Qigong) organ cleansing practice after my spleen blooded. I wasn’t able to eat because the blooded spleen contracted my stomach and was due for operation.

However, these practices targeted at clearing energy meridians completely healed me in just after 3 days of practice.

It may not take the same number of days for everyone depending on how long the disease has been with you and how deep-rooted your health condition is.

For me, I just healed followed the exercises presented on the video tutorial and the healing was a miracle.

I am now a strong believer and advocate of natural energy healing methods.

Our body has this energy lines called meridians that connect to each of the main organ of our body. And these meridian lines are connected with energy points called acu-points.


Stimulating particular acu-points unleashes the full healing power of our body.But one thing I will guarantee is that all energy healing methods and practices work if you have access to courses or materials and learn how to do it.

The easy to learn Natural Synergy System is a DIY (Do it yourself) course put together with easy to learn techniques.




Amazing Bonuses for Natural Synergy Cure:

The complete Natural Synergy Cure system comes with 4 other amazing bonus products just for a single price currently on special for $47. Bonuses include;


1. Eastern & Western blood pressure balancer

Eastern/Western blood pressure balancer combines Eastern and Western methodology of naturally treating high blood pressure.

Techniques shown inside this 142 page include acupuncture points to harmonize the heart to relief from depression, anxiety and insomnia.


2. Eastern Metabolism Mobilizer

Eastern Metabolism Mobilizer is a 79-page PDF book that gives you step by step directions on how you can control your weight using acupressure and metabolism boosting techniques. Awesome product with surprising testimonials from users.


3. Acu–Facelift Revitalizer

In acupressure it is believed that wrinkle of the skin and muscles in the face, and sagging or dark spots stems from deeper issues in the organs.

Acu-facelift revitalizer contains 153-page program to stall or reverse aging that shows you step-by-step acupressure points to the three organs that are directly related to a youthful appearance and younger looking skin.


4. Mobile App for Natural Synergy Cure

A free mobile friendly app uses sound therapy to help restore the body to optimal health, balance and function. It comes with over 100 different ailments to treat plus over 100 professionally recorded therapeutic tones.

Used by high priced healing spas, yoga instructors and sound therapists, the Natural Synergy App is more than an effective healing tool for the mind that will be available in your pocket to carry anywhere you go.


Nicola Tesla wrote, “If we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.”

Natural synergy cure is a powerful therapy based on proven acupressure practices combining Chi Gong acupuncture meridians or energy points distributed throughout our body.

Thousands of people have already used this in the western world and have made powerful healing testimonials after they see the amazing healing results for themselves.


This package is in electronic form, so you can easily download and begin your therapy straight away. That’s why you get instant access because no shipping is involved. I really think Natural Synergy is a Great value offer.




Comment on what you think about Natural Synergy Cure or share your experiences below.



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Hi Kemos, Inspiring article, I enjoy the wonder’s that exist in life and that we can tap into them all we need is someone to guide us.
Regards Barry

    Kemos Yowe · May 15, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    Yes Barry, that’s right. I really like the idea that acupressure is combined with sound therapy. I often listen to 528 Hz frequency waves on my head set when I feel low and this self help therapy resonates with me.

    I appreciate you stopping by.

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