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Natural energy healing products utilizes the power of nature to bring about healing to the body, spirit and the mind . It is a medicine-less  approach and the products fall into three main categories. I have listed the natural healing products in this order.

1. Natural Energy Healing Products: Natural healing products that utilizes the channeling  of  Chi or life-force energy to specific ailments for healing. The common products you will find in this category are;

  • acupressure and acupuncture
  • sound frequency healing therapy
  • hypnotherapy
  • healing music
  • healing bracelets, healing pendants, healing crystals, and others.

3. Natural Energy Healing Recipes/Remedies: They can be  digital products, PDF copy, or e-books containing natural healing recipes.

4. Natural Energy Healing Programs and Therapies:  These are mostly DIY programs that individuals can do it themselves in the confines of their home.



We would like to be honest to visitors of this page and  disclose that the energy healing product(s) reviewed on this page contains links which we are Affiliated to.

What does that mean? Well, it means that when readers click these links and purchase a product, we may be compensated for referring sales  by the  manufacturer, company, or owner  of the product(s ) at no cost to the buyers.

You can read the full disclaimer statement HERE .

Group A: Natural Energy Healing Products: 

1. Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

This Energy Healing Bracelet is made with natural gemstones attuned to the body’s 7 major chakras or energy centers.

In bracelet form, these stones join with the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life, a concept shared by nearly every culture throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians to modern-day Buddhists and Kabbalists.

The tree represents the foundation of life, good health, and well-being. If interested, click HERE.


2. Brainwave Entrainment – Digital Product

Listening over the head set, the Brainwave Entrainment guides the brain into a specific frequency using the computer generated rhythmic pulses of sound frequency.

When we learn how to Truly use our Brain,
What we can accomplish is effortless including Natural Healing.

The brain is exposed to special computer generated tones that are pulsed at a specific frequency. The brain will synchronize its own electrical impulses to that same frequency.

Thus the brain is “entrained” (matched) to  the specific frequency of the pulses, which gives you the ability to choose the desired frequency you want to attain in your brain.

Higher frequency brain wave patterns guides you to experience the kind of “whole brain state” that was is commonly experienced by natural born geniuses.

Slower frequency brainwave patterns, guides you to deep state of relaxation and meditation in a non effortless way.

All in all, you can easily experience the benefits of years of meditation in just a few weeks of listening to  Genius Brain Power’s  sound frequencies. Its considered by many as a “top-secret” brain upgrade methods.

For more information and detailed specks, CLICK HERE.


3. Sacral Chakra Healing Mala –

The necklace is entrained and blessed with cosmic healing powers, and embedded with sacred ancient healing properties. Comes in limited supply.

 It is believed that present and past life’s karma is dormant (or stored), within the sacral chakra.

Your root  and sacral chakras are linked and most frequently associated with life force and sexual energy respectively.

It all comes down to what you’re feeling: Do you have the following symptoms?

  • Repressed or limited sexually
  • Lack of enthusiasm, joy or gratitude in life
  • Lack of creativity and inspiration
  • Vulnerable to others

If this is you, then you are most likely experiencing the effects of having a blocked or damaged  Sacral Chakra. To find out more, CLICK HERE.


Group B: Natural Healing Products Recipes and Remedies:

1. The Multiple Sclerosis-reversing Breakthrough 

This product contains natural solutions for a practical self-help program. It is claimed as the most proven and comprehensive step-by-step system for reversing Multiple Sclerosis available on the net.

It has been sighted as a  groundbreaking and scientifically proven program that helps overcome MS naturally and safely.

In reality, Multiple Sclerosis is not a ‘disease’ at all. It is a “symptom” of a bigger root cause. These symptoms are the indication of a damaged inner terrain that simply is too toxic, acidic and polluted.

BUT, the cure does not lie in medication system or drugs. The true cure exists in bringing your immune system back into shape. In order to do that, we need to provide our body with the right kind of tools. The product is tailored to achieve that role.

If this is for you, click HERE.


2. Activate The Self-Healing Process Within You.

There is no better preventative treatment for chronic diseases than the natural healing system already inbuilt into our bodies.

This product outlines ways to activate our innate natural healing powers. You will learn how to effectively fortify your body against the attack of diseases.

Natural healing is achieved with the proper application of body exercises and nutrition, which is well covered in this book. Click HERE if you are interested or to read more.


3. Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes

This product was featured on the morning program of Fox News. You can see the video of the E-book’s for quick and easy DIY directions from the link below.

This product contains natural anti-aging skin care recipes formulated with the powerful rejuvenation ingredients of common organic properties. It comes with ‘Skinsational’ tips for younger, glowing skin.

If this product resonates with you, click HERE.


Group C: Natural Healing Programs and Therapies

1. Fatty Liver Fix & Rapid Fat Loss Framework

DIY therapy: Anyone suffering from the conditions listed here can benefit: Stress, Fatigue, brain fog, chronic joint or muscle pain, migraines, digestive problems, insomnia, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, acne, skin rashes, depression, allergies, chronic bad breath, chemical sensitivity and rapid weight gain.

Your liver governs and regulates a lot of the bodily processes.

Many health problems that you face comes as a result of connecting to an unhealthy liver.

They can effectively be treated by giving good care for your liver following this simple DIY therapy.

If this is what you need, Click HERE:   By the way, I am an affiliate to this program and I have secured a free coupon for you if you purchase by using the link I provided above. The coupon code for 20% off is – save20


2. All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program

This is an e-book program called The “Kidney Saver” that medical professions hope you’ll never discover. No Dialysis is required. It’s a natural kidney health and Kidney Function Restoration Program.

A step-by-step treatment program that helps restore your kidneys naturally, without the use of synthetic factory made pharmaceutical drugs.

Even better, when you follow the program, the developer of this program believes that you’ll be able to delay dialysis by years or possibly avoid dialysis even all together.

The testimonials suggest you CAN improve your kidney function using 100% ALL NATURAL remedies & Treatments.

If this is what you have been looking for, you can check it out HERE.


3. Eczema Vanished – a digital product (ebook).

Creams and ointments are only a temporary solution to a root cause. This e-book gives you the natural home remedy to permanently eliminate eczema. It has NO smelly creams & NO Medical drugs.

True healing comes from the innate abilities within your body. That is the only way to get rid of eczema for good!


Listing of what you get from ‘Eczema Vanished’ products.

  • Understand Eczema disease &  learn how to deal with many usual Eczema symptoms.
  • You will know 8 different types of eczema and the most common causes of Eczema.
  • You will learn how to naturally cure Eczema without any  western medications.
  • The secret truth about Eczema that doctors don’t want you to know.
  • Methods to cleanse your body for holistic healing.
  • Uncover the root cause of  Eczema and learn techniques to avoid the triggers.
  • What organic foods to take in order to give the body the right nutrition to have healthy, smooth skin.
  • Get the answer to eliminate eczema completely. Anyone can do it secret.
  • Methods outlines to STOP itchy, dry skin 
  • Make your skin glowing with youthfulness again with no creams or ointments.

Simply CLICK HERE if this is what you are looking for.


4. Natural Synergy Cure.

Near death accident brings about a new breakthrough in natural healing science combined the power of Acupressure with Frequency Therapy.

But natural synergy utilizes acupressure with sound frequency, in which no needle enters the body. It is a DIY digital product.

There is a full review made on this product. You can click  HERE for full details or go straight to the product page from the video below.  (opens in new tab)



Final Thoughts on Natural Healing Products:

I am an advocate of natural healing products because I have seen natural healing at work. It not only heals, but can cure the root causes of ailments completely.

I have healed from a spleen blooding naturally by running Chi energy and doing spleen cleansing exercises as directed from a video.

My result may not represent same outcome for all. Not everyone may see instant results in the same way.

What if you didn’t find the natural energy healing product you are looking for?

If a natural healing product(s) you are looking for is not mentioned or listed here, please let me know in the comments section below so I will try my best to find them and make an update listing here within 24 hours.

You have a blessed day and wish you good health.  I believe you find something that resonates with you.




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