What is the difference between mind and the body?

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Our mind controls what happens in the body.

Brain is part of the body but mind is outside of the body. Did you know that the mind is part of the feeling body, or the spirit body?

The feeling body with the mind is also known as the subtle body. Our mind is responsible for what happens, not only in our physical body, but also in our environment,

Our mind is the only tool we have available and we can use it to access our brain circuitry. Our mind is also the tool we can utilize to access the body through the life-force energy flow.

We use our mind to access the causes of illnesses in our body caused by blockages when we are doing the healing work.


How our mind and the body are connected.

Mind exists outside the body

Our mind is not in the brain. Note that the mind exists outside of our body. Mind is part of the spirit body or feeling body. Our thoughts come from the mind and is implanted into the brain by causing the brain neurons to fire and wire forming a neuro-circuit.

New thoughts form new circuits a million times every day. Some-old, same-old thoughts hard wires the old neuro-circuitry.

Every thought we think causes the neuro-circuits to fire and wire causing new ones to form and breaking other weak circuits. We think millions thoughts a day causing the brain to fire and wire, or break millions of neuro-circuits per day.


Feeling based thoughts builds hard-wired neuro-circuits

When we think of a thought and apply more feeling to it, then it wires a stronger and tougher neuro-circuit which may become harder to break down again easily. That’s how memories are formed. Experiences we go through that is more emotional will stick in our head for a long time or forever.

So, the mind and the spirit body or feeling body controls what happens in the physical body, and the physical world around us. When the mind is healthy, and the energy of the spirit body is flowing freely, our physical body is in good health and prosperity.

When our spirit body is tainted, for example with a strong negative feeling, then the physical body shows signs of illness. For example, depression or anxiety. Illness such as depression is in the mind, and not in the body.



Ok, then what makes up the feeling body?

The spirit body is sometimes called the feeling body.The spirit body is made up of;

  • – Our mind, thoughts, feelings, attitude, beliefs and imagination
  • – The 7 major chakras,
  • – The energy meridians,
  • – The life-force energy which runs in our body

They form the soul body or the spirit body connecting to the body with the life-force energy frequency. The energy meridians are spread throughout our body. So, if we were to artistically draw the spirit body, it will be exactly in the shape and image of the physical body, but in a network of energy frequencies.

The spirit body is a connection of the network of energy frequencies with the energy centers controlling and directing where and how the energy flows. The directive come from the mind.

Auto default settings are primary directive like ‘keep on pumping the heart and breathing while we sleep’.

The creator, GOD himself has coded this default and the life-force energy ensure this code is never broken until the body dies.

God himself can decide to switch the code off or one may need to attain God consciousness to manipulate the primary default code settings.

Growing up as a child to adulthood, the experiences we go through is inbuilt as the secondary default settings. The later, “thought programmed” settings auto plays like bad habits can be changed.


Our mind and the spirit body signals the physical body to take action for better health.

When the energy flow network to the elbow, for example is blocked, we may have a physical experience of it as a sharp pain around the elbow – shoulder area. Sometimes, when your right shoulder bone feels loose, the pain felt strikes right to the heart like a knife. And all of a sudden you think have a heart problem too, but it’s not.

If we learn to pay attention to our intuition or the voice of the spirit body, it is always right because intuition or what some call the sixth sense never lies.

Understanding how energy body or feeling body works in our body may mean that you have lost a loved one who you depended on dearly and you are still carried around the sorrow with you to this day. The feeling body is showing signs to the physical body that you have not released that sorrow yet.


Illnesses that exist in the mind require energy healing

Unreleased negative emotions can manifest in the physical body as illnesses, but the pain will go away when you release the negative energy. Taking medical drugs for illnesses such as depression will not work. Why? Because, depression is energy blockage illnesses.

Depression illness is in the mind outside the body. Medical or pharmaceutical drugs will only put the organs under more stress to clean up the unwanted foreign substances, (drugs), you are putting into the body. Excessive intake of pharmaceutical drugs can cause liver kidney dysfunctions or related organ issues because now the system is working overtime to clean the rubbish you are throwing in.

Note: Medical establishment is dearly needed for emergencies like accidents and for the love and care they give to patients for quick recovery.


You become what you think.

Our body is the manifestation vessel of what we think with our mind. The spirit body is responsible for physical manifestation of things we can touch or feel. The reality we experience now exists as possibilities in the spiritual realm.

There are many possibilities or versions of what we want in the quantum field. Manifestation follows your brain waves. If you believe that a chronic disease will kill you, it will manifest. But if you believe you can cure, so be it.

You become what you think. Out of the quantum field of possibilities, we choose and decide on one thought (possibility) when we make a decision. That decision is a thought frequency that is fired in the brain and the brain immediately goes to work.

Some thoughts fire and wire together because they have the same frequencies. The more we are firm about something, believe in it, and decide, the more neurons the brain fires and wires together to form a new circuit relating to that thought.


Thoughts that carry strong emotion become hard-wired in the brain.

Believing is feeling that something is true. Feeling based thoughts now causes the neurons to build a tougher circuit and the more we think (with our mind) of the same thoughts, the tougher or more hard-wired the neuro-circuit become and can lead to a permanent circuitry in the brain. In other words the thought now becomes a program and is stored in the subconscious mind as a secondary default setting.

The subconscious mind now can control the body automatically to behave in the way that reflects the program, even without consulting our conscious mind. The conscious mind will have no power over the subconscious mind.

However, unless we use our awareness to observe how we are behaving and decide to send new signals. Only then, it is possible to reverse something or make a new neuro-circuitry.

To change the program, we must do reverse thinking or, think of a new thought and apply feeling to it so it can overwrite the old program. Remember, how hard-wired the thought is represented as a neuro-circuit depends on the feeling or emotion we apply to it.

Weaker thoughts will build a weak neuro-circuit that can break easily after a couple of days. If you apply a stronger feeling to a thought, then the neuro-circuit becomes hard-wired. To make it become permanent and to have it implanted into the subconscious mind, you will have to think the same thought over and over and each time you apply more feeling/emotion to it.


Strong emotions carry electromagnetic energy frequency

Emotion = energy in motion

Electro = power

Magnetic = attract or pull something toward you

Thoughts from the mind that have strong emotional connection will manifests fast in the body, or becomes a permanent memory for life. “You will remember where you were and what you were doing on September 2011, because you not only saw or heard, but your felt it”. There is an emotion that is connected with the experience.

 Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that, to construct a permanent or tougher new neuron circuitry in the brain, one needs to think the same thought over and over again, in practices such as meditation, for up to 30 days or more. Until you convince your mind with repetition, but thoughts with light emotion easily fade away. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a doctor, a scientist, and a modern-day mystic

Repetition makes the neuron circuit to hard wire and the subconscious mind records it as a program, which can now be played automatically. So then, how our brain neuron circuits in the brain are wired is in direct reflection of the subconscious programs that were created with our experiences, (thought and feeling).

Neuroscience and experts in this field such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, and bio scientist, Dr, Bruce Lipton, now confirm that the mind exists outside the body. That’s because our thought frequency (energy), can now be measured by placing scientific energy frequency measuring instruments inches away from brain



How habits are created by the mind and auto played to the body

So, when we think the same way, we also behave in the same way. The more we think the same thought and behave in the same way, it now forms a habit. And habit is a hard-wired neuron circuit and a subconscious program that is hard to change easily.

The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind so that’s why some habits are very hard to change, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. When you build a strong desire to change (i.e. strong feeling), for example an inspiring goal, or something drastic happens in your life, then you make a decision to change and you will.

That is to say to break the hard-wired neuron circuits in the brain and thus change the programs in the subconscious mind.

The experiences with very strong feelings, such as a bad traumatic event in your life, will sometimes remain with you for life because of the powerful emotional connection.

You can exactly remember when and how it happened. The brain snap-shots the experiences with strong emotions and records it in the subconscious as a permanent memory.

If we were thinking “thought” alone, we can forget easily, but we never forget how the experience made us feel. This fact clearly confirms that when you apply strong emotion to a thought, you can see the physical manifestation or results.

Energy Healing With Hands

Negative emotions can cause Illnesses

Our feeling or emotions can cause illnesses. Now that we understand how the mind, including the feeling body controls the physical body, let’s see how negative emotions can cause illness. There is a direct relationship between the mind and the body.

Bad thoughts lead to unwanted manifestation in the body or in your physical world or surrounding.

For example;

  • – Over interllectuaslization and thinking too much or regret can lead to spleen issues such as blooding.
  • – Too much sorrow or unreleased sorrow and awful traumatic experiences which are not cleansed can lead to lung issues such as asthma.
  • – Non-forgiveness and hatred feelings can lead to heart diseases and coronary issues or a lump in the abdomen.
  • – Abuse of sexuality can lead to infertility or erectile dysfunction, and so forth.

One of my favorite YouTube teacher and a renowned public speaker, Chris Shelton has studied Chi Gong and he is a practitioner Na a teacher. He explains how emotions can cause diseases and shows how you can heal and live a pain free life .

If not all, most of the physical issues have mind connections to it. The feeling body and the mind is the manifestation machine or factory. How you think and how you feel creates the realities in the body and environment around you.

If you fear, (a strong emotion), and think that you will inherit cancer or a chronic illness from your family line, so be it. Your belief will unlock a dormant disease genes that could have stayed locked if you did not think at the first place. How the environment we create and how our thoughts modify the genes in our body is explained clearly in epigenetics by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He has written a book called “The Biology of belief” based on scientific studies that our mind thoughts are manifested in our body and he has also made tones of videos about it too.

Our body and the kind of life we live is the echo of our thoughts from the mind.



Non spiritual neuroscientists may view that the brain and mind as one and the same

What we discuss here are opinionated perceptions commonly shared in the yogic culture, meditation tradition and by the spiritual seekers.

Other neuroscientists may observe the mind and body as one single unit. Obviously that is not true for many of the masses as we become more aware now.

If a drug addict appears before a court and the judge asks, “What is wrong with you?”

The man would reply, “I can’t control myself. It’s very hard to stop.”

The judge would then ask, “What do you mean you can’t control yourself?”

The man says, “I feel like I will die when I stop. I must find it or I die trying to find it”

The judge summons a neurologist to scan his brain. What the doctor would find after scanning the brain is that the brain plasma were recognized differently from that of a non-addict person. Why? Because the neurons that fired and wired differently formed a hard-wired circuitry that signaled the brain plasma to rearrange differently.

The judge now rules that the addict person be sent to a psychiatric center where brain-damaged people live. Those kinds of programs often works when mind reprogramming techniques are incorporated. If not, we often see some people come out and soon after go back to the addiction.

Positive mind thoughts of healing also work in the same way. But the only difference is how much happiness or satisfaction we get out of doing something. Drugs like marijuana, phone addiction, or addiction to watching porn produces huge loads of pleasure chemicals called the dopamine in the brain.


Nicola explains that their are four major chemicals that is produced in our brain that influences our happiness. The brain wants more of the pleasure chemicals resulting in a habit. The subconscious mind now has recorded it as a default program. When the program auto plays, a marijuana addict would risk police or jail time and look for it until he finds it.

Christmas resolutions to quit a bad habit produces very small amounts of the pleasure chemicals. It’s not that strong enough as compared to loads of pleasure chemicals produced by the habits like gambling, pornography, smoking, and face-booking/social-booking or phone addiction.



We saw that the mind exists outside the body. We also noted that the illnesses of the mind cannot be cured with pharmaceutical drugs. Thoughts with strong feeling attached to it becomes hard-wired in our brain and becomes a secondary circuit which is stored in the subconscious mind. These programs in turn control the body on how to behave.

Hope you gained useful insights from the discussion. The truth is that there is a lot more we still don’t know yet about the mind and body connection and the workings of the feeling body. Some other people may explain this quite differently.

You may also form opinions about this topic. Whichever way it is explained, the underlying truth is that there is a direct connection with the mind and the body.


We would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this amazing topic.

No one is right and no one is wrong. Please share your opinion below in the comments sections.




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