Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy

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Rhythm and frequency from the sound instruments entrain our brainwaves and make it possible to shift the states of our mind. The vibrational sound wave frequencies produced by the sound instruments help to shift our brainwave frequency using the concept of entrainment.
Healing occurs when the body and the mind synchronizes to the various healing sounds specific to treating an issue, either in the physical body or subtle body.


The vibrational sound healing therapy has been used has a tool for healing in various ancient cultures for thousands of years. Some are still being practiced today as a healing medicine.

The use of Mantras by the Hindus, the Icaros melodies for medicine by the indigenous American Indian and the Himalayan singing bowls used as sound therapy at different frequencies.

The underlying principle of these various techniques is the same; to clear blockages and change our body from the low vibrations where there is imbalance to a higher vibration for natural balance.


How does Vibrational Sound Energy Healing Therapy Work

The vibrational sound wave frequencies produced by the sound instruments help to shift our brainwave frequency using the concept of entrainment. Rhythms from the instruments synchronizes the fluctuating brainwaves and the imbalanced body frequencies so that the body can now entrain with the healing sounds and attune to.

Healing occurs when the body and the mind synchronizes to the various healing sounds specific to treating an issue, either in the physical body or subtle body.

Rhythm and frequency from the sound instruments entrain our brainwaves and make it possible to shift the states of our mind.

  1. Normal Beta state – this is the normal consciousness state of the mind.
  2. Alpha state – this is the relaxed consciousness
  3. Theta brain wave – this is the meditative state
  4. Delta brainwave – this is the state where internal healing can occur.

Meditation utilizes the same principle by regulating breath. Breathing exercises (or rhythm) is used as a tool to reach Delta brain wave state in meditation while sound utilizes the frequency as a tool to influence or induce a shift in the brain.



How does Vibrational Sound healing therapy feel like?

The objective is to arrive at a point of stillness; being present here and now. That’s the point where things happen (healing and manifestation). Sound therapy can be passive or one where you participate.

In passive sound therapy – you can lay down or slow your breath to relax while listening to the sound. It can be a recorded brain wave frequency geared to achieve specific goals or heal an ailment.

When the sound shifts your brainwaves, you shift to the place of non-resistance where you become more aware of each sound that comes in and eventually you are shifted to a place of stillness.

Sound helps your brain waves to synchronize and helps you to reach this place of stillness. The same principle is used in meditation when mantra is used to help you arrive at this point of stillness; being present here and now.


Tools you can use for Vibrational Sound Therapy

  1. voice humming or vocal toning- you can hum the sound huuummmm…or you can hum the name GOD for Christians
  2. drumming
  3. tuning fork
  4. Himalayan singing bowls – also known as ‘magic bowl’ comes in different diameters to produce varying sound frequencies
  5. different Brain wave frequency music or sounds – now produced and sold in CDs by specialist producers and energy healing workers or modalities.

In Chi Gong, (Qigong), there are different healing sounds for different organs of our body. The ability to control our awareness plays a huge importance in our ability to heal our self. I can’t emphasis this more here, guys. Awareness control during the therapy is the key to healing.

Many healing practitioners agree that vocal toning or vocal humming is incredibly powerful if you practice it often enough with the control of your breathing and awareness. Please incorporate simple effective techniques which are powerful such as breathing exercises and vocal toning to ground yourself and bring a greater sense of balance.


How do we define the vibrational body.

The universe and all the things in it, including us, is made of matter. In physics, we learned that all mater vibrates at their own different frequencies.

Frequency is just an energy in vibration, and the human body is a moving energy vibration.

It is possible if we can be able to shift our vibration, we can pretty much change many of the life problems that is blocking us from experiencing the optimal homeostasis condition; a state of internal, physical and chemical balance of the body.

It is in this state that the vibrational sound healing occur.Sound helps the body relax and remove the energy blockages. Theses body blockages are sometimes felt as seasonal or chronic pain in the physical body or it can be in our subtle bodies which is out of our conscious awareness.

Sound energy can reach to those unknown areas of blockages in our energy body. We experience pain and discomfort in the physical body. OSteophonic tuning forks vibrate at a low frequency. When we use the tuning fork, the body is stimulated to release a chemical known as Nitric Oxide. It is a chemical proven by medical science to positively work on pain easing.

It means that the sound frequencies directly affect the physiological reaction of the body whilst the sound helps to influence the auditory system, which enables the body to modify its reaction to the pain.

Life force energy exists in our spirit body which is the energetic body. The life force energy has different names to different cultures. It is called Prana in yogic culture and Chi in China. The Chinese Chi Gong and acupuncture practices uses the energy meridian points spread throughout our body to clear energy flow to our physical and subtle bodies.

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The subtle body holds imbalances and traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, which is why it’s important to look at healing and balance not only from a physical perspective but as a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body, and spirit.

Sound is proven to positively affect the entire body balance. Our spirit body or subtle body acts as a storage for memory.

When we go though trauma or bad experiences, the subtle body stores those emotions as memories and when we do not release them, it may show up as pain in our physical body.

Other times our life goes around in a circle or we are paddling backwards because of these unattended memory blockages in the subtle body. When we apply sound frequency with magic bowls or tuning fork or just listening to a brain wave frequency on head set, we can facilitate the release of blocked energy from these past experiences or emotions.

Sound can release the blocked energy to the body’s energetic centers known as the chakras. The chakras will filter the released energy and recycle it back onto our life force.



What can the vibrational sound healing therapy cure?

Mind is not in the body. The mind is outside the physical body. Sound healing therapy can provide positive results or cure variety of issues that exists both in the physical body and in the mind such as;

  • sleep disorder
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress management
  • PTSD
  • Pain management
  • chronic illnesses

Medical drugs work on the physical body. You will notice that the above issues are in the mind. Vibrational sound healing therapy goes beyond the physical body and can reach the subtle body where the mind exists. This understanding is useful for vibrational sound healing therapy.


Effects of environment sounds to holistic health:

Now that we know the importance of sound and its effects on our physical and subtle body, what sounds are you frequented to in the surrounding areas where you live or work?

Irritating and loud sounds are had been known to;

  1. elevate the stress level
  2. creates imbalances in our nervous system – e.g. big thunders produced during lightning and rain
  3. lower our immunity, and
  4. may cause hearing loss of hearing in extreme cases

Our relationship to the sound changes when we are stressed. Common or regular sounds can become irritating and further amplify the stress level. Have you been in a situation where you became irritated by the singing laugh of your neighbor? Then you know what I mean.

That’s where vibrational sound therapy comes is useful. With sound therapy techniques, we train ourselves to be more aware of sounds we take in and become better listeners.

Sound healing therapy and practices such as chanting and vocal toning helps the body to be in balance and grounded. In the event when you go into those stressful situations, you will be better equipped to judge and filter the sounds and be in a position to make the sounds your own to resonate with rather than feel overwhelmed by it.


Vibrational sound healing therapy reaches the spiritual realm of our body.

Our body is designed in such a way that it naturally want to correct itself into synchronicity and natural balance.

The body organs, the nervous system, and all other internal body system is constantly working around the clock, 24 hours a day to keep the body in balance.

This is because we often expose ourselves on a daily basis to outside stimulus and sounds. Noise is a sound that does not entrain with our body.

We often don’t have enough time to dedicate to ourselves which constrains us from achieving feeling in harmony with our self. Vibrational sound healing therapy facilitates quicker healing, and helps us to attain inner peace and natural balance.

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