The Healing Power of Belief

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Belief is said to come from the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart when the mind thinks a thought and the feeling from the heart is applied to that thought. The concept of energy healing have been around for centuries.

Energy healing centers around the concept of ‘belief’ which has been passed down through generations. Quite recently science has evoked an interest in it. Scientists can now prove this phenomenon of energy healing through belief which in medical terms is known as the placebo effect.


Natural Energy Healing is an ancient healing system evoked by belief, which restores the balance and flow of life-force energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. We’ve all heard that somewhere for ages now.

This method works directly with the emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of our body. It’s been used to treat various medical conditions throughout history and applied in recent times, especially ailments associated with psychological states.


In other words, natural energy healing of belief works most effectively to cure the illness of the mind. That is because the mind is not in the body where pharmaceutical drugs can reach.

Mind is in the realm outside of our body, and so the natural healing of belief can reach it because its energy; belief is the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart.

It is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to get rid of blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the practices stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal.


The New Age Discoveries of “The Healing Power of Belief”


Here are the scientific facts by Gregg Braden.

  • Fact : The universe is formed of a shared matrix of energy that underlies our physical world.
  • Fact : Belief may be a language that ”speaks” to the present matrix. Scientific evidence reveals that heart-based belief affects everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms of our world.


What wouldn’t it mean to recognize the fact that everything from the DNA of life, to the longer term of our world, is predicated upon an easy Reality Code—one that we are able to change and upgraded by choice? New revelations in physics and biology branch called the Epigenetics suggest that our feelings create the truth.

Greg Braden explores that a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that our universe works sort of like a Consciousness Computer.

Instead of the amount of codes of a typical software, our Consciousness Computer uses a language that we all have, yet are only starting to understand.

Life’s reality code is predicated within the language of human emotion and focused belief. Knowing that belief is the true reality-maker, It shapes the way we expect of ourselves and our world to be.

Understanding this underlying language can help humans to vary the beliefs that have led to war, disease, and therefore the failed careers and relationships of our past and find a reason to ascertain things differently. Our ancestors used miracles to vary what they believed. Today we use science.

Gregg Braden is a scientist, historian and an accomplished writer and he recently published a book titled “the Spontaneous Healing of Belief” which reveals to the world:

  1. the miracles that open the door to a strong new way of the truth of the universe and therefore the world we dwell in, and
  2. the science that supports ancient wisdom of natural energy healing and tells us why the miracles are possible,

Who really is Gregg Braden?

For quite 30 years he has been New York Times best-selling author and has traveled the planet, scouring forgotten texts and pioneering research projects to seek out real answers about the character of our reality; where we came from, and why were are here.

With a background in Lockheed Martin and Cisco Systems, he presents peer-reviewed research to bridge science and spirituality and reveal the missing links within the human experience.


In the new book, “Spontaneous Healing of Belief”, he talks about why we aren’t limited by the “laws” of physics and biology as outlined in school text books.

He points out that once we become conscious of the paradigm-shifting discoveries and true-life miracles, we must consider ourselves differently. The difference is where the spontaneous healing of belief begins.

Almost universally ancient texts and traditions tell us that there’s a life-force energy that lives within each of us; that we are born into this world with the power to somehow heal our own bodies.

It tells us we can influence the surrounding environment to bring peace to our families, to our communities, and ultimately between nations. And on the other hand, the good spiritual mystery is how we discover that power, and how we implement it in our lives.

The Universe is Based on Consciousness and Our Belief is the Language that Communicates to this Consciousness


What is now surfacing is that the growing number of mainstream scientists are now starting to suggest that our entire universe works very much the way a computer works, except our universe now is believed to be based on consciousness. Consciousness is the language that permits this universe of ours to figure out the way it works.

Just like every computer-oriented language features a program that permits us to command things to be done, our consciousness – computer of the universe appears to figure precisely an equivalent way using the facility of our ‘belief’.

It’s the facility of belief that literally rearranges matter, the atoms and therefore the molecules that our world is formed of to make the conditions of our relationships, of our abundance, of our healing, of our peace, and therefore the success of our careers.

It’s quite different as this stuff all appear to be separate from each other. But scientific discoveries show that they’re all linked through this language, which is that the inner power of belief.

Trained scientists would really like to ascertain prove of fact. Things like this sound too good to be true but they’re related as facts now because the scientists have found it to be true.

They know it’s there. They can measure it with modern scientific instruments. There’s no disagreement on the very fact that we interact with our physical world. The question and therefore the controversy is, what proportion and to what degree.


The Human Heart Transmutes Belief into Electromagnetic Field that Communicates to the Universe

With scientific prove, what we all know is that, everything is formed of energy. We’ve all heard that for years. But what we’re only starting to understand recently is that it’s our hearts, the human heart, which makes these fields of energy.

An equivalent energy that everything else is formed of is produced by the human heart. And therefore, the fields that are created inside our hearts extend far beyond our bodies into the surrounding planet.

This is not a metaphor, and this is often not illusion. Literally, once we change the way we feel and what we believe about our feelings in our hearts, what we’re doing is we’re changing the electrical and therefore the magnetic fields that touch the surrounding planet and rearrange the cosmic networks of energy our universe is formed of.

That’s the key of the ancients kept secret in many traditions. This is often the good spiritual mystery.

The Yogi’s lived in caves for hundreds of years to know this. We do not need to do this during this current times. We do not need to hand over everything that we love and seclude ourselves inside a monastery or a cave to bring this very powerful wisdom in touch upon our lives.Because, ’s very plain, very simple and straightforward to know science.

Through many of actual life stories and case histories, “Gregg Braden” has put together, flawlessly in the best way possible to share this power in our lives through his book titled “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”.

Because we’ve all had experiences with this power before, maybe we’re only starting to recognize the magical ways we can access this power from where ever you are.

You don’t need to attend a workshop or undergoes a training if you can uncover the truth of the natural healing powers of the language of belief and how to apply it in real life.

The universe actually works much like an unimaginably huge consciousness computer. Where the human ‘belief’ really is that the program that permits our consciousness computer to try to do what it does; to make the conditions and therefore reform the situations and the circumstances, and the world we live in.

The healing in our bodies, the abundance in our lives, and every other aspects that are important to us is made to manifest through belief.


How we can use ‘Belief’ to Heal our Conditions and Change other Aspects of our Life


Well, if that’s true, then like any computer, once you know the code, you recognize what the boundaries are of your capabilities as we start to know the code of human belief. Suddenly we realize that we are not any longer bound.

We’re not limited by the laws of physics as we all know those laws today. We will transcend the laws that say we’re bound by our knowledge and break away from everything that limits us.

We will transcend the laws that say that time and space are barriers between us, and shift our relationships, our finances, our job, and virtually every aspect of our life.

We can transcend the laws of aging. We can transcend the laws that tell us that we are limited during this world, and once we begin to try to do that, everything changes.

When our civilization really begins to know what our own science is now describing within the magical language of belief, and if we understand the scientific language and the way this correspond with our most cherished and spiritual traditions, everything else changes.

Because it says we are not any longer limited by anything aside from the beliefs. We are talking about the false limits of the beliefs of our conditioning from our culture, our friends, our family, our subconscious beliefs, the education system and therefore the mess media.

Once we really begin to know how these work or what they mean in our lives, everything changes. That is when every individual has the chance to shatter the personal paradigm of false limits.

In season three of Missing Links, host Gregg Braden presents the research project that reveals the divine matrix, an infinite universal energy field described in ancient spirituality and modern science round the world.

Hospitals serve as Podium on which the Power of the Natural Healing of Belief is Unleashed


Hospitals are only one common venue for the theater of belief. There are many alternative medical treatments, as cited by Jancee Dunn, that harness our expectations—homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicines, urine therapy, trash tablets, human blood facials, vitamin infusions, sound healing, to mention a few—all with varying levels of proven efficacy.

In her book titled “When God Talks Back…”, Tanya says “Belief is natural. It comes partly from the way our minds are hardwired,” Tannya Luhrmann, an anthropologist at Stanford University who has dedicated much of her career life to understanding people’s interactions with God.

She says that belief-based healing requires not only an honest story but also the attention of a lively listener—one with the power to form what’s imagined feel real. When story and imagination sync, the results are often astounding. “Humans have the capacity to vary their experience,” she says. “These are skills, and that we can learn them.”

We’ve heard of the belief-based healing of the brujos, or witch doctors, of Catemaco, within the state of Veracruz on the eastern coast of Mexico.

They’re particularly theatrical healers, blending shamanistic traditions with Catholicism very much like Christians did a thousand years ago. We’ve heard stories of massive, pentagram-shaped bonfires and dancing madmen who spit on your body as a ceremony of blessing.

Tor Wager, then a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, put subjects through a brain scanner when conducting a study on placebo effects. The most interesting part was what the brain scans showed. Normal pain sensations begin at an injury and travel during a blink of an eye up through the spine to a network of brain areas that recognize the feeling as pain.

A placebo response travels from the other way, beginning within the brain. An expectation of healing within the prefrontal cortex sends signals to parts of the brain stem, which creates opioids and releases them right down to the spinal cord. We don’t imagine we’re not in pain. We self-medicate, literally, by expecting the relief we’ve been conditioned to receive.

“The right belief and therefore the right experience work together,” says Wager, now a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and director of a neuroscience lab there. “And that’s the recipe.”


The Recipe of Belief and Knowledge is finding its Answer at the Lab and into Clinical Practice as well


The patient’s brain can attend an indoor pharmacy for the needed drugs. “Information we take from our social relationships has really profound influences, [not only] on emotional experiences but also on health-related outcomes like pain and healing,” Koban says.

“And we are only starting to understand these influences and the way we are able to harness them.” Koban as written articles to many websites and the one noted here is titled, “Unlocking The Healing Power of You.”, which was published on National Geographic.

The impact of the social and religious grouping could help explain why religion might during a very literal sense be what Marx defined as “the opium of the people”:

It can tap into the power to access our own store of beliefs and expectations, especially when we’re surrounded by other believers who do an equivalent.

Phrimna Valerious published an on the “Healing Power of Belief” and suggests that, belief has far-reaching medical significance and it can single-handedly reduce the worldwide disease burden by half and enormously increase productivity, improve health and grow the economy.




Psychosomatic disorders provide disturbing prove that our thoughts do transcend and seep into our reality. Though they’re not a result of a nasty day but a culmination of all the times that we worried and jumped to the worst conclusions, the day we stopped expressing and stood with our tightened fists holding burning coals of all the items, memories and circumstances that we didn’t abandon of.

It might at earlier stages appear as mood swings but later trap us during a vicious circle of negativity.

They are often best assessed by the intensity of our emotions at the slightest provocation, our repressed emotions and our responses to how we tolerate pain, how we answer situations and move through moments of crisis.

If stress has the facility to scale back our body immunity, inducing heartaches and attacks, sending our neurological processes off balance and causing hormone secretion, then surely a deliberate plan to avoid stress and a firm belief that we are healthy, with a dose of gratitude and pinch of positivity, can do wonders.

Alternative medical systems like ayurveda, homeopathy, siddha and yoga should even be a ritual of our daily medical intake, for the items that cure us don’t necessarily come as a pill or with a price tag on it. It’s within the simple joys and therefore the mindset to not let our circumstances dictate our emotions.

The consequence is within the present scenario diluted and sold by lifestyle coaches as positivity and therefore the law of attraction.

It’s no secret that happiness and positive thinking helps release happy hormones, thus making the individual more relaxed, fulfilled, productive and ready to tackle the issues at hand. The real secret if the power of Belief.


Hope you gained some enlightenment reading this article. What do you think about the world we live in, in terms of the pharadime shift in the way we used to perceive illnesses and life issues. Leave a comments below.



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