The Beginning of Energy Healing Work

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Everything in the universe in made of matter, and all matter vibrates at its own frequency. This frequency is Divine Energy or universal energy.

Then the universe and all in it is a big mass of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  So, all matter in the universe is connected through this energy field. This phenomenon in science is known as quantum entanglement.

Understanding this principle in the beginning of learning energy healing. This Divine or the universal energy is being channeled through the energy healer. When it runs through the receiver, this Divine energy facilitates healing and wellness in the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional layers of the body’s energy field.


The Universe is a Living Energy Field

The universe is made of and is part of the infinite universal energy field. This energy flows in us, through us, and around us. It is called the Quantum Field in science, and the Life-Force Energy by masses, because it is the essence of life.

Other cultures and tradition have different names such as, Chi, Prana, Ki or Breathe of Life. This energy also flows is other plants and animals and in non living things as well such as rocks. It is the same energy that keeps our lungs breathing when we sleep at nights. The same energy grows seeds into huge trees.

Albert Einstein says, “To understand the universe, look at it in terms of energy.” Everything in the universe in made of matter, and all matter vibrates at its own frequency. This frequency is energy.

Then the universe and all in it is a big mass of energy vibrating at different frequencies. As such, all matter in the universe are connected through this energy field so we are all one and whole. This phenomenon in science is known as quantum entanglement. This understanding is the basis of energy healing.


The Principles of Energy Healing?

They say energy healers must be properly trained and have a certified training certificate, but it’s not a universal requirement. We can heal ourselves and anybody can become a energy healer. This is the truth in energy healing work because the Divine energy is universal and free. It is the techniques and practices of how to harness this energy, which sometimes need to be paid for to master.

When healing energy wants to flow in you, it will not care whether you are healer certified or not. When you create the high vibration environment and master the techniques, healing energy will flow naturally and healing will happen to you or to someone you are doing healing work on.

Today, thousands of energy healing modalities and practitioners have evolved. Their practices, therapy or techniques may vary but they all use the same concept or principle. If they use hands to do energy healing, then it’s the mastery of the concept of electromagnetic energy produced by our hands, irregardless of the technique used.


The journey to learn energy healing

Energy healing is fascinating and its by far the free healing system available if you make a commitment to gradually learn how to do it. There is a huge movement of people actively seeking energy healing as an alternative to cure, not only to heal diseases, but also to heal heal many of the lives problems as well.

I think the best place to start is learning how to heal oneself first, because you can not heal another person when your vibrational frequency is low.  This infinite energy has no time dimension. That is why you can also do distant healing. And the same energy can also be stored by any medium (matter) and transported.

All matter store, hold or transport energy

#1. A prayer can be done on a water bottle and given to a sick some distant away. Or a healing can be sent to a person in a hospital bed on the other side of the world. Yes, you can send healing video for someone to heal by watching. Energy healing is not restricted by distance or time. For example, people get healed in 2020 from watching a healing video made in 2016.

#2. Some materials hold high vibration of energy than others. For instance, water, crystals, pendants and bracelets  stores energy very well. Crystals are know to focus energy to a specific area for maximum effect.

The universe is made of energy and energy flows everywhere, through matter, in matter and around matter. Everything in the universe including humans in made of the same matter. So a part me lives in you  and you in me. in that way we are all connected.

#3. Nature synchronizes in this way and will always try to put things back in order; back to its natural synchronicity. That is how, in the energy healing process, the low vibration of the sick body will rise to synchronize with the higher vibration of the healing practitioner. When it does happen, the sickness existed in a low vibration so it simply disappears because it now can not exist in a higher vibration body.

#4. Energy healing is not restricted by time, space and distance. Why? Because manifestation happens  “NOW” at the present moment. Past events or memories were created “NOW” when it happened. We are here “NOW”. The essence of being present here and now is important.

The future, when it happens, it will happen now. There is only one NOW. Creation happens in the present moment, NOW. That is why in meditation, they teach you to be, ‘just be present. Bring your awareness here and now’. The bible also teaches, “Be still and know……………..”. Psalms 46:10

Our thoughts affect how our genes are aligned and whether certain genes turn on or off. You can watch this free video about “Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by a historian, scientist and an accomplished author, Gregg Branden. Gregg is one of the powerful speakers on enlightenment and the amazing power of our mind.

Spiritual and Scientific Facts of Energy Healing

  • We have two minds; the concision and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind (filter mind) is the window to the subconscious (powerful) mind. The subconscious mind is also known as the manifestation mind. However, its weakness is that it can not tell the difference between what is true and what is not true. In other words it can not tell what is right and what is not.


  • The subconscious mind takes orders from the conscious mind. Healing practitioners have evolved techniques designed to communicate directly with the subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind. And in doing so, going straight to the manifesting machine. Whatever is planted in the subconscious mind is manifested in the material world. That is how energy healing can occur.

  • The vibration of this energy can be manipulated with our mind power and intentions. We can hold an intention, (e.g. healed person), speak that intention, (prayer or meditation), and manipulate the universal energy to bring about the desired outcome, (visualization). In essence raising the vibrational frequency.


  • The healer is the sick person who got healed. The healing practitioner just helped in raising the vibration of the sick. The low vibration of the sick body must rise to match the frequency of the higher vibration from the healing practitioner, following the natural law of synchronicity, and the body healed itself. This article is first published at


Our mind is not in the body. Our mind exists outside our body in our soul. That means medical drugs can not cure mind-conceived illnesses such as depression. Many body organ diseases and chronic pain are also caused my low vibrating emotions and fall in the same category. Medical drugs can not cure mind diseases.  Only energy healing can cure emotional diseases because energy can reach out to the realm where the mind and soul exists.



The Lost Ancient Secret Knowledge

The secret to getting anything you want lies in the heart any mind connection. The following are scientific facts.

  • The heart produces electromagnetic energy.
  • the source of the electromagnetic energy is the feeling; our emotions.
  • Our thought comes from our mind, which is outside of the brain and body
    Our thought is like a signal. When we think of a new thought, it changes the electrical patterns in our brain and wires it differently to align with the thought.
  • When that thought is powered by the electromagnetic energy of the heart, then it is implanted in the brain as a program. and that program will always send signals to the universe to manifest that thought into the material world. For example, if you fear that you will inherit a chronic disease from you mother or father, so be it. That thought now is planted as a program (belief) in the brain and is continuously sending signals to the universe to manifest it.

How powerful the thought is depends on the support of the heart, (the feelings/or emotion). If a thought is powered by the electromagnetic energy of the heart, then that thought is more powerful and can achieve instant manifestation. That’s how miracle healing happens.



How to amplify our thought for instant healing and/or manifestation?

The hearts electromagnetic energy comes from our emotions. If we think of a thought and power it with emotion, then the electromagnetic energy amplifies the thought energy and healing or manifestation happens. In the same way we can undo programs in our brain that is keeping us down or stagnant in life.

We are meant to be free. Problems, sufferings and sicknesses are the result of how we thought in the past, our experiences, our cultures, how we were brought up; all that shaped us and those experiences are programmed in our subconscious mind.

Instant healing is possible when we can master the art of  combining the heart and mind to work together. The procedure is:

  • Think of a thought
  • Give it power with feeling, (emotion )
  • Release it to the universe

Easy, right? NO!….It is an art you mast master. That is where prayer fasting, meditation, Chi Gong, yoga and other similar practices comes in. For beginners, the mind and heart can not combine in the noisy environment. Your mind must be in tranquility state, which can only be achieved by doing the above or other similar practices.

Once you master the skill, then you can will it on demand. The bible speaks about this skill in John 16:23-24.

Vs23..whatever you ask the father in my name, he will give it to you

Vs24..You have asked nothing in my name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.

The above verses even don’t really explain how to ask. Well, historian and scientist, Gregg Branden, sighted the lost Gospel of  Thomas in the Nag Hammadi Library where they keep a collection of early Christian and Gnostic texts. The Gospel of Thomas explains this more clearly it says...If the two combine in the one house, (thought and heart), you say mountain move and it will move away. Say it with no hidden motives and be surrounded by your answer.”

That means to visualize and be filled with the emotion of enjoying or celebrating that what you asked for has already happened. Now, that is the art we need to master. All manifestation including healing happens though this process.



Final Thoughts

Modern science such as Quantum Physics and Epigenetics can now be able to measure the energy flow in humans. They call it the electromagnetic energy of the human body, (especially by the heart). We produce electromagnetic field around our body. The field can be strong or weak depending on the health of the person, or in other words, emotional state of the person.

People with good emotions produce  stronger magnetic field because their body vibrate at higher frequency. Negative emotions produce low vibration frequency. Sicknesses exists in a low vibration frequency.

You don’t need to be certified to do energy healing at home. Unless you want to do public practice and monetize your healing services.

Principles of Life Force Energy

  1. it is not limited by time, distance or space.
  2. it is infinite, has no beginning and no end
  3. it is present everywhere at the same time. (you will understand when you remove the time dimension)
  4. it is universal – has no religion, culture, modality, tribe, nationality or tradition


I hope you benefited in one way or another from this article. You are welcome to share your comments below. 




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