How to Heal Your Body With Your Mind

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The mind is the government of the body. The biology of the body is dictated by the thought signals from the mind. In essence the “thought’ we think in our mind has everything to do with the biological condition of the body.



Our body has innate abilities to deal with any disease presented. It’s designed by creation to do that.

When the brain signal interferes, the immune system responds because it’s the government (the highest authority) talking now (orders).

Let’s look at how this works in the following paragraphs.


What Topics are Covered in This Article?
  1. Fear Induced Lock-Down of the Body’s Immune System
  2. Being Conscious Of The State of Your Mind And Revive Your Immune System
  3. The Defense Mechanism of Our Body
  4. Implications of Prolonged Stress on Your Health
  5. Today’s World of Amplified Fear and Stress
  6. The Consequences – Global Fear Syndrome
  7. The Crux of the Problem
  8. Conclusion


Fear Induced Lock-Down of The Body’s Immune System


If the world’s population can understand how fear can induce and amplify diseases, then we wouldn’t spread organized fear through the mass media all across the world, in essence telling the people to lock down their immune system.

When our bodies are in fear mode, the stress hormones are released and the body’s natural immune system literally shuts down as it goes into fight or flight mode.

All the energy in the body is now diverted to pay attention to the danger presented and gets the body to run from the fear. It is designed that way.


But we are not talking about the kind of fear when we run away from a tiger, which afterwards the body would go back to normal and stop producing stress hormones.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is very vocal about the government and mass media induced fear spread across the globe that lasts for months after months and continually being reinforced.

Are we helping the body’s natural defense system? NO! The fear puts the body on full lock-down mode. The immune system is shut down.

You could get panic attract. When you are in that mode for months, a very mild flue can kill you because you have auto-paused the body’s natural defense system.

Being Conscious Of The State of Your Mind And Revive Your Immune System.


The body knows how to deal with any form of diseases presented. Stop the fear and take care of yourself. Don’t let this fear get to you because the fear is exactly what is causing the release of the stress hormones, which in turn is inhibiting the function of the immune system.

Flu season comes every year, they want to make it so special like and say, “Oh, it’s not a flu. It’s more than a fluid”.


The fact is it’s a flu period and that’s what it is about. According to Dr, Bruce H. Lipton, Phd, every year, about 0.1% of the population will die from the annual flu. So why is it so different this year than in previous years?

The significance is the flu that come every year are really from the same types of viruses and that previous year’s flu will mutate and then show up in the next year.

Because it bypassed the immune system but the scientific analogy about viruses is this there is an immunological memory of all the different flu viruses that we’ve had for decades.

Then when we have a regular flu, the immune system knows how to fight it. It signals the proteins in the cells to produce the counter balancing chemicals. Most people end up with coughing or sneezing so you know it’s a mild fever and that’s the standard thing.

When the immune system is working, it will easily cover it. So what’s so different about this year? The reality is that the virus hasn’t been around for years and years so it’s relatively newly introduced into the human population.

And so most humans do not have an immunological memory to help alleviate the symptoms of the flu. As a result, this year the flu is a little more aggressive than previous years, only because most of us have not had any experience with this virus in the past.


That’s the nature of the game. The fear that has been generated by this is the biggest problem of all because the body’s immune system shuts down as a result of fear.

People have to understand facts about the immune system. Our immune system is designed for internal protection. Anything that gets in, body parasites, viruses, or bacteria, the body’s immune systems function is to fight that.


The Defense Mechanism of Our Body


There are Two defense mechanisms of the Body.

  1. The inside Protection: - The Immune System protects their body on the inside.
  2. Protection from outside threat: - The Adrenal System which is called fight or flight protects you from threats on the outside

The outside threat is irrelevant in most case scenarios.


Let’s look at two situations for illustration purposes.
  • Situation one: You have a bacterial infection where you might have a bad case of diarrhea coming, and
  • Situation two: You’re being chased by a Tiger.



If you had to divide the energy in their body to protect yourself from the flu or bacteria, and the danger from the tiger, how would you split the energy distribution between those two?


This is really irrelevant. Come on, ask yourself if you’re being chased by a tiger right now. What proportion of the energy of the body do you want to use to run away from the tiger, and what proportion do you want to use to fight the bacteria or flu.


That’s the fundamental principle happening in their body. Your body receives ‘thought’ signals and distributes energy in the body where you need it when it comes to threats and survival.

If it’s a threat from the outside world, you need to put all the energy into that. OK, how does this work? When you perceive a threat, when you believe and perceive that you are being chased by the tiger, the body releases stress hormones.


Our ancestors who lived in the caves had to run from threatening situations from tribal enemies or natural danger all the time. The body system is designed that way, and the DNA is passed down to us.

So what, it gets you ready for fight or flight. Wait, what the body does to get you ready for Flight or Flight is the crux of the problem.

Stress hormones are released by the body when in fight or flight mode. It’s a natural process to shut down all other systems in the body and divert all the energy into the arms and leg muscles to get you ready to run or fight.


Pay attention again. The stress hormones takes the energy from the body and stops funding energy to those functions that are not necessary to run away from the tiger.

In essence, you want to get all the energy possible into the arms and legs, which is the blood, and the blood carries the energy that powers the muscles.

You want all the blood in the arms and legs because you need to run away from that tiger. All the body functions not related to running away from that Tiger are shut down to conserve the energy.



Implications of Stress on Your Health

When stress hormones are released into the body, they cause the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shut.


When the blood vessels squeeze shut, then the blood is pushed to the periphery, the arms and legs so the blood is, in scientific terms, preferentially sent to the arms and legs.

That’s when people get butterflies in the stomach and start to get scared. They can feel a little queasy going on in the gut. You can now realize that it is the action of stress hormones causing the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shut.

Your body now pushes the blood to the arms and legs to deal with fight or flight. Any unnecessary function in the body that’s using energy which does not supporting the escape from the tiger is shut down.


For illustration purposes, what it means is the Visceral Functions of the body, including;

  • the gut,
  • the lungs
  • the digestive system, and
  •  the filtering of the spleen,
  • the kidneys,

and all these kinds of different functions now are depleted of the full energy supply they require for functioning effectively.


The function of the Viscera Growth and Maintenance of the body uses energy of course to grow and maintain the body.

But if you’re being chased by that fear, the body system now won’t put the energy into the growth of the body because the signal it receives is to send the energy into their arms and legs.

The body does this because you are going to use the energy to run away from the stress response.


Dr. Lipton says the body does two things:

  • Number one, it shuts down the growth and maintenance of the body.
  • Number two, It shuts down the immune system to conserve energy for fight or flight

What is the relevance of immune system shutting down due to stress brought about by Fear?

Let’s look back in time again. When evolution created human beings, what did humans have to be afraid of? The answer is Tiger. In this case tiger represents all forms of threat presented by the environment that our ancestors lived in, including warring tribes.


Today this is irrelevant because there is not saber toothed Tigers coming after you. There is no more threat, and the body can return to normal growth maintenance to take care of itself.

Historically the fight or flight system was designed for very short periods of time. Our ancestors had enough time to run away from the threat and find safety. Once they’ve got safety, the body turned off the protection mechanism as the threat was over.


Today’s World of Amplified Fear and Stress

That is not the case today. The problem is, in today’s world, stress situations are 24/7 and 365 days a year.

People are under constant stress. We’re being stressed continuously about job, economics, and religious racial strife, or a flu virus told to be feared by the mas media.

Whatever stress you want to start bringing up every day, you are compromising yourself because these stresses cause the release of the stress hormones.

The stress hormones are redirecting the function in the body by shifting the body from growth into protection, thus shutting down growth for a prolonged period.


The Consequences – Global Fear Syndrome


Consequences are obvious. Simply, this stress is a major cause of the dysfunction of the immune system.

Stress shuts down the immune system to conserve energy. When you listen to the media, the media is pushing fear and amplifying it up. Millions of people die when the entire world is overtaken by the Global Fear Syndrome.

If I am watching an amplified fear news, I would think, well if only 50 people are going to die, I would think I am going to be okay.

But if the news is saying 3 million people will die, then that drives me to take action immediately.

My body goes into fight or flight instantly. The important functions of my body is drained of the required amount of energy for functioning properly. At that state a mild flu can put me into shock or ICU!


For everyone else, all of a sudden you realize that the stress is now overflowing, and continuous, because now it’s not only the media that is spreading the fear, but your  family and friends are now amplifying it because the topic becomes a dinner table discussion.

You live in fear of the person who paused right next to you, or the person down the street. You say, “he doesn’t look that well. Oh my god, I must stay away from him”.


When you are living in a constant fear, the stress that is created shuts down the immune system. Stress makes the symptomology of any virus infection much greater, than if you were not under stress.


The Crux of the Problem


Dr. Bruce Lipton reveals that what they are finding is that there is too much stress out there in the communities. They concluded that the stress is really coming from the virus because of the wide spread message that the virus is a bit more aggressive and infectious than previous viruses.


Dr. Lipton admits, that is true because we haven’t had previous exposure, which would have helped through immunological memory to reduce the consequences of this session’s attract.

OK, we’re facing something new, a little more aggressive; but when you add the FEAR to this, all of a sudden the immune system shuts done. The factory of the body’s pharmacy is shut down by fear induced stress.

Well then, it makes sense why the numbers of people that are affected are much greater than in previous years. And why those people that were already at risk are at a much higher risk than normal.


The people that are going to succumb the mortality rate is still mainly the same percentage of people, but just a bigger portion of that pie than under normal circumstances.


What can we draw from this. The issue is, should you be worried about it first even before you get one?

If their immune system is in good standing and your health is in good shape, but you are living in fear, then you now know what signal your thought is sending to the body.

The mind is the ‘Control Agency’ of the body. Thought coming from the mind is received as signal by the body. The body is designed to obey the commands from the mind.


So be careful of what signals you are sending. Are the signals you are sending helping the body’s immune system? These are the kind of questions you should answer.


Recommendations by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PHD

You are going to manage any virus attack. The body has innate abilities to cure and prevent any disease. Take care of your own health first because, when the health is in good shape, then the immune system will be working at full capacity.

Once the immune system is working in full mode, it will alleviate all the symptoms.


We have to start looking at this in a different light.


1. Is the virus lethal?

Yes. Every year the virus is lethal. The same percentage of people would die every year.

Is it more lethal this year?

Yes, it’s a little more lethal this year because, we haven’t had immunological memory of it.

2. Does it change who is going to have a problem?

It usually is the same percentage of people that are affected each year. We are going to have a problem but just more of them are going to have a very negative consequence.


If you’re not part of that group, then here is the tip. Take care of yourself. Eat well, get back to organic natural and healthy food. This is part of our body’s defense system.

Why because industrial farm food is toxic in its own right. The only way to improve the defense is:

1. Eating good organic food.

2. Number two, taking vitamins and supplements, and especially vitamin C.

Don’t let the fear get to you because the fear is exactly what is causing the release of the stress hormones, which in turn is inhibiting the function of the immune system.


Hope you gained some useful insights.


It’s your opinion. Express yourself by leaving a comment below.



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