Holistic Healing for Success and Prosperity

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The secrets of holistic healing revealed.


The subconscious mind rewires the neural transmitters in our brain, and now, the brain stores those settings as default in the memory cells all throughout the body. We call that behavior habit (normal) and now, the body knows better than the brain how to behave automatically in resonance with the settings without going to the brain. Those default settings serves as the perceptual filters for what we observe in the world we live in.


Opportunities are endless but what we can do and achieve is restricted to our perception. Put simply, we are the prisoners of our mind.

True freedom is attained through holistic healing, which comes from what we implant as the default settings in our subconscious mind.

Holistic healing for success and prosperity comes when we reprogram those default settings. Our potential is restricted to our perception. Our past perception makes us who we are.

Those memories and experiences are stored in our brain as the default settings. When we observe new perceptions, the brain checks the hard drive for confirmation.

When the new perception does not correspond to the settings, then it does not accept it. Our experiences become the reference point.

They are set as our perception filters. New beliefs or thoughts that interfere are filtered out and disallowed to be embedded in the subconscious.

Change the programs to attain holistic healing for success and prosperity

Did you know that some of those perception filters are; limiting beliefs, verbal abuse, poverty, sickness, unworthiness, abuse trauma, childhood mistreatment, relationship trauma, and the like?

To see beyond is to peel off those perception filters (default setting) for a while or replace with new (better) ones. This article is originally published is learnenergyhealing.com and no copy right is granted.

Most human use 5 senses to make sense of the experiences we go through and the world we live in. In fact animals including humans have 6 senses but we seldom use the 6th sense called the intuition; the gut feeling.

When we observe the world through our 5 senses, our brain will always compare to the accepted beliefs, which is the default setting like a computer; those set of beliefs we have accepted as true due to our experience and memories.

Anything that does not resonate (match) to the default setting is removed or not accepted and filtered out.


The brain records accepted beliefs and experiences as NORMAL. For example, smoking or drinking alcohol. When we try to quit and not behave in the same way, the brain reads that behavior as abnormal so it will not accept it.

It will try all the ways to make your body behave in the normal accepted way, which is the habit.

Breaking that habit is trying to reset the default setting in your computer, (brain). For the brain to accept the new behavior as a default, the new setting must be programmed into the subconscious mind.


Testing the default settings in your brain

Let’s do a simple perception test

How many of you’ve seen this screen more than once. What do you first see? You either see a king cup (or vase) if you choose to see only the white area; or you see two faces if you only choose to see the black area.

You see our perception is determined by what the brain makes out of it by making reference to what it already knows, that is the default settings in the brain. You set the goal of what you want to see and the brain will show it to you.

Let’s try a little more complex image.

There are two images. What do you see first? The reason you don’t see the other image is because, you don’t have the neural patterns of recognition but as soon as you make a neural pattern, then your brain always finds the image you want to see.

The image is a young woman or an old woman. So, now, why don’t you see the other is because, nobody has ever exposed you to that pattern and your brain has no recollection of it. It goes for the familiar.

It is the pattern on a screen shining its light through our eyes into the brain and our brain is looking for any associations, any information that resonates with what we see. If the image doesn’t exist there, we just don’t know! So here are the simple techniques of how to train your brain.

Take a look at the other spaces within the screen. If you set your mind to see the young woman, you will only see the young woman and not the other. If you set your mind to see the old woman, you will only see the old woman and not the other.

Watch how fast you will see it when you set a goal and you embed that vision of your goal in your brain, even if it’s an image of what you want to achieve.

Your brain will then work around the clock to find everything in the physical world that matches the vision; the people, the places, the reasons, the money, the resources, and every other thing known to the brain.


Why do we set goals that we haven’t yet achieved?

We don’t need to know how to achieve the goals because as soon as we impress that vision into the implicit part of our brain, the occipital lobe is activated.

The occipital lobe triggers the visual cortex of our brain, which starts to look for things in the physical world that matches the internal programs (map) that has been created for the last how many years of your life.

Those few people who achieved a hundred times more success than you, initially don’t have any skill. Every brain has the same mental capacity, but conditioned and trained differently. Let’s say you set a goal to be healthy with a glowing youthful skin.

Accomplished authors and renowned speakers have expressed that the first thing that happens when you commit to a goal is that a chemical called dopamine is released into the brain and the motivational circuit, the nucleus of the brain fires on and a dopamine is released into the brain.

Now you feel high and feel like you gonna achieve something, but only for a while and eventually when the dopamine wears off, your high feeling will die off because the brain will always go back to the normal; to its default setting.

But if you share it with someone else or keep on repeating it, something fascinating happens. The other chemicals, 100s of them gets activated in the brain and another chemical called oxytocin, the bonding and love chemical, actually binds that vision into the visual cortex part of your brain.

Benefits of understanding how the brain works

When you repeat that vision and keep focusing on that vision, keep sharing it to others, you collaborate with people even if you don’t yet know how to achieve it, you actually start to cement this vision into a part of your brain that activates another part of your brain called the left prefrontal cortex.

The reason we are going a little technical here is because, it’s your freaking brain that holds the answer to holistic healing for success and prosperity. It needs to be retold what to do, it needs to be reprogrammed!

Because if don’t know how to use it, you will not succeed. So these are some real tools of why you want you to dream big and become better at managing this 310 pound tool which is nothing more than a tool we have in our head.


It’s in our toolbox and it’ll help us achieve anything we want or it’ll destroy everything we want.

Step#1: to achieving anything is seeing somewhere in the distant feature you actually achieved it and hold that vision. “If you can see it with your mind, you can hold it in your hands”, Bob Proctor. 

Step#2: How to achieve any goal comes after you set the goal. 

Step#3: When the “how” becomes though, don’t ever change the goal, keep asking and the brain is wired to find it.

Caution: If you go back and change your goal, it’s the default brain taking over with limiting beliefs. “I can’t do it, I will fail”, and all that crab. You will go around and around in a loop going noway. No matter how big your goal is or how long it takes, your brain is designed to seek goals so it will get it for you.

After setting the goal, you want to activate the motivational circuit of the brain and that is by asking yourself “HOW?” That’s when you get the system working. The brain is a holistic pattern  that works together. If you don’t do things in the wrong order, that’s like having the combination to a safe but not in the right sequence.

The reason you have to set goals is because, your brain is actually a goal seeking machine. If you give it something to go for and after that you actually are activating the genius part of your brain called the left prefrontal cortex also known as the Einstein brain.

Einstein figures out how it can. When the Einstein brain is on all possibilities exist. But when Frankenstein brain, the right prefrontal cortex lights up, you say, “no, I can’t, no I am not that smart, I tried this before and failed”.


Where does all the negative self-talk come from?

Negative self-talk and thoughts are coming from your memory bank, the default settings.

The brains primal function is safety first. Obviously life safety first but anything that is processed in the brain that threatens either your financial stability, your emotional stability, your business stability, your relationship stability, your health, so that anything gets filtered through this part of the brain first and brings forth as the default setting in your brain.

The default setting in your brain is negativity first for safety. It’s designed to act that way; to treat anything unknown as danger that will harm the body. There are thoughts that power you forward and there are thoughts that make you move backwards.

There are high vibration emotions such as love and kindness which move you forward. And there are emotions to stop you dead in your track, such as worthlessness and self pity.

Where are those thoughts and emotions coming from? Is someone else doing the thinking for you? No, it’s all yours, right? So you need to master how to activate that left prefrontal cortex and one of the best ways to activate the free left prefrontal cortices is to ask;

  • I know I haven’t achieved that goal but how can I?
  • I know I haven’t achieve that goal but who would know?
  • I know I don’t have the resources to achieve that goal but who has them?

When you shift the focus of what your brain is doing, then you shift how your brain works and “the neurons of the brain cells that fire together will wire together”.

So if you have;

  1. more positive thoughts sequences
  2. you have thought sequences of asking the right questions
  3. right questions seeks sequences of finding out how you can
  4. that becomes your new default setting

The brain will always give you the default negative potential consequence first. Now when the default (or negative) part of the brain lights up, that will cause the motivational circuit to shut down and the fear circuit activates for safety first. There’s nothing wrong with the system. That’s how it is designed. Most people just don’t know how to go around it.

We don’t have to figure out any of the “how”.

  • There are enough research today for everybody in this world to get 50 or 70 percent healthier in the next 100 days.
  • There is enough information in the world today on how everyone can make an extra 50% income in the next 100 days.
  • There is enough information on how we can go to planet Mars, and beyond.
  • There is abundance of information about health and wealth, relations, career, business, finances and fun experiences.
  • You don’t need to know how you gonna do it.The universe will make that happen.
  • Your job is to clock the vision into the brain so it gets implanted as a program in the subconscious mind.

Final thoughts on holistic healing for success and Prosperity

Get yourself aligned with what you want in life. Seek your true purpose. Find your big reason to the “WHY” question. Get your feelings attached to your vision and establish the beliefs that you require.

If your beliefs are based on your parents, teachers, bad experiences, and everything around you that were limiting, well, can you take a belief such as “I am worthy”, and “I can achieve any goal I set my mind and heart to”.

Take the word pattern and repeat it again and again until it gets into the brain and is implanted in the subconscious mind.

Say it often enough so it becomes a predominant pattern in your life. Change the inner game, that’s the secret.

There’s a pattern (default) that’s being automatically played by your subconscious mind that’s called your thoughts and your beliefs and your habitual behaviors.

If they are getting you noway, you are on programmed auto pilot. Change those patterns with firm positive affirmations so that you can achieve holistic healing for success and prosperity.

It’s your mind playing tricks on you, but it’s just a tool. Number one, give it a vision to seek and number two, give it a reason why, and leave the how part to the brain. Will it to your advantage on demand starting today.

Hope you benefited from this article and all the best in your endeavors. You are welcome to come back and read many other articles like this here at learnenergyhealing.com and many awesome articles are their way.

Thank you and please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Love and Light………..



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