Healing With Your Mind

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You can bring about healing with your mind because it was the mind (thought) that initially brought about the disease.

The mind is the primary cause of illness around the world today. So if you change your thought in the mind, you can change the biology of your body.


The switch that controls your biology is called Perception. Whenever time you develop a perception, those perceptions interfere with the biological signals in the body. So it’s how you see the world that controls how you react and effectively what that does to your body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton identifies that there are only three ways that you can interfere with the biological signals of the body and bring about diseases that were not there.


1. The first is Trauma

Say if you are constantly thinking and regretting about the past ordeal, and thinking how you could have done things better. Your thought process is messing up with the biological signals of the body.


2. Number two is Toxins

The signals can’t pass through bad chemicals if the chemistry inside your body is not good. Both of these interfere with the propagation of the signal.


3. The third one is the Thought in your Mind

Theirs is absolutely nothing wrong with the body. It’s just sending the wrong signal at the wrong time.

OK then, let’s look at how this happens and how we can use the mind to control the biological health of the body.


How Does The Mind Govern your life

Your body is not a single matter. You are millions of cells living in one body. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the human body is made up of 50 trillion cells and the cells are the living entities.


Then, scientifically it’s correct to say that you are a community of living cells and not a single person. The mind governs these 50 trillion cells so in essence your mind is the government for the 50 trillion cells in your body.

So think about this. When you have a good government, then you have a healthy body.


The secret you need to know is this:

1. First part is to know; to have he knowledge

2. But the second part is the most important and that part is you must actually use the science in your life or it doesn’t work.


The powerful part is in the mind. Every function that you see in the human body is already present in every single cell of your body.

Every cell has a respiratory, a digestive system, or a nervous system in them. Even the immune system in every single cell.

Then it’s easier to understand how one single cell works so you don’t have to try to understand how the 50 trillion cells work.

Two Views about how life works

It is very important to observe this opposing views so that we can understand how we can use the mind to heal our body.

There are two opposing views on how life works. These beliefs come from the time of the ancient Greeks before Christ.


View #1 – The universe, including human body, is composed of very small particles called atoms.

This view is associated with Democritus (c.460 – c.760 BCE) who was a Greek philosopher and a young contemporary of Socrates. Democritus teacher was Leucippus.


So Democritus was the first to propose an atomic universe. He is the man that gave us the word Adam and this is what he said about how life works.


According to Democritus the world including human being is composed of very small particles which he named as ‘ATOMOS’, (“un-cutables” in Greek), and that these atoms make up everything we see and are.

The when we die, he says that, our body-shape loses energy and our atoms disperse when the soul leaves the corpse. The soul generates the heat which holds the body-shape atoms together.


Now here is the important citation about our ‘thought’.

Democritus asserted the soul as causing the motion and ‘Life’. He further viewed that ‘thought’ was the physical movement of the indestructible, ‘un-cutable’ atoms, and it became apparent such a soul would survive bodily death.  


The famous line by Leucippus, (Democritus teacher), which influenced a lot of Democritus’ writing is that “Nothing happens at random; everything happens out of reason and by necessity”

And so if everything happens according to necessity, that means atoms operate in one way and so, of course, what happens in life does so out of the necessity of this operation.


In plain English, there’s a reason why things happen around you and in your life. Don’t object to it or complain, but accept the circumstances and, be open and optimistic to what comes next; for life would have no meaning without hope.


Well, while this claim may appear to deny human free-will, Democritus has written extensively on Ethics and clearly believed that of course one could make free-will choices but, within the parameters of atomic determinism.


So what can we conclude from Democritus’ view?

What you see physically is all there is. There is nothing in the empty space. If you want to understand life, then you have to understand atoms. That means the smallest thing of the human cell is an atom.


So then, if everything is made of atoms then empty space in the universe is made of atoms. But atoms are in space and then motion is when atoms hit each other and bounce like a ball.

As Democritus put, our thought is the physical movement of atom in motion. Now we know, life is atoms colliding with each other.


View #2. – Belief in invisible energy, indestructible and unchanging, and exists forever.


A complete opposite view is given by Socrates. He has a dualistic vision.


1. The first one is that, there is an invisible energy which he calls a ‘form’ or a ‘soul’ that gives shape to matter.


2. The second is, this energy was here before life, and will be here forever. The energy is separate from matter that the energy is perfect and ideal and, it is unchanging and indestructible.


    So there are two beliefs of how cells are controlled.


    1. One is that the control comes from the outside in and,
    2. The other is that the control is from the inside and goes out.

    The belief from the outside control is from Socrates, that a form or a soul comes in and gives life. The followers of Socrates are spiritualists.

    In contrast, the followers of Democritus talked about atoms and mechanism.

    In today’s world, Religion and Spiritualism is the follower of Socrates and science follows Democritus.

    (Noted that, religion and spirituality are not the same and one. Religion is a tradition whilst spirituality is an alternate belief.).

    Implications of the two belief systems on the modern treatment of diseases


    The conventional science is reductionist science. It takes things apart and studies in pieces, but the new physics views things in a holistic approach.


    You have to study wholeness because you cannot separate the energy.

    So, when a doctor looks at a sick patient in his office, he looks at his physical body and tries to understand what is wrong with the body.


    But what we know about wholeness with proof of modern science is that what affects the patient goes beyond the physical body.

    That is his job, the family, the environment, the community, his thoughts and beliefs, his past life, and the list goes on.

    Then to study illness, you can’t see it just in the physical body.

    Illustration of Energy waves or Vibrational Frequency of our body


    Dr. Bruce Lipton illustrates with the disturbed water ripples to demonstrate how human energy waves or vibrations interact.

    If you dropped two rocks at the water, same size rocks from the same height at the same time and they hit the water. The ripples are in the same frequency as they come toward each other.


    The question is what happens when the waves meet?

    The waves interfere with each other and the result when they’re in phase is that the wave gains momentum and is 2x more powerful.

    Waves or vibrational frequency in resonance amplify when they meet each other. This is called constructive interference.


    Ant there is an opposite effect. This time, say you dropped the two rocks from the same height but one before the other and the ripples come toward each other will be in different frequencies.

    They’re out of phase so the two waves can interfere and cancel each other out. This is called destructive interference.

    We have all experienced this in our lives. Constructive interference is called good vibes and destructive interference is bad vibes.


    You met someone you know in the park and talked, and after 30 minutes you feel that your energy is drained out.

    Or, you cross to the other side of the road to avoid someone coming down the same side of the side-walk you are on. That is because of the destructive interference of your body vibrations.

    But in another situation, you feel very tired and going toward home but then you meet someone with higher positivity and lifts your energy up.


    The tiredness leaves your shoulders. That is constructive interference. The positive vibrations from that person raised your energy. Now, both of your energies resonates with each other and further amplify.

    Image by pixabay

    All other living things (animals and plants) communicate with vibrations. They are very efficient in reading vibrational energy frequency and can tell of danger before it happens.


    We hear on media reports of birds and other animals fleeing from a mountain many hours before a volcanic eruption.

    Any animal can read from a distance if a leopard is hungry and is in the hunting mode just from the energy vibration.


    If humans were able to communicate in vibrations, we would never be sick. The language communication has distorted the reading of vibrations in human.

    When we were young, were taught by our parents unconsciously to be sensitive by to the vibrational frequencies. We try to avoid bad relationships and bad places.


    But we are usually told not to go by how we feel, but instead to listen to what people have to say. The language becomes a barrier as it was designed to hide feelings. All other organisms communicate by vibrations and know if they are in danger or in a good place simply by reading the vibrations (energy frequencies).


    Humans have that ability too but we are not trained to use it. When we see people at the audience, we see them as physical particles and mechanisms but that is an illusion.


    Because what we actually are is an interacting waves or vibrational frequency. That is why one person can affect another person just by being in the field of another person.

    Your life-force energy field goes out and surrounds your body some distance away from your body. When you call out and communicate to someone, there is an exchange of energy.


    So Then What Can Cause Diseases?


    According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, there are only two things, which can cause diseases.


    1. Either the protein is bad or
    2. The signal is bad

    People with bad proteins got them from birth defects because if you were born with defective genes. The genes make the protein so the protein is defective.


    But Dr. Bruce asserts less than 5% of the population has birth defects. This imply that 95% of the people should have a healthy happy existence.

    But if you were one of the healthy people and now you are sick, what would cause the problem?


    There are only three ways to mess up the signal.

    1. One trauma – say if I fall off the stage – the signal is interfered with
    2. Number two is toxins – if the chemistry is not good inside the body, the signal cannot be passed through bad chemicals. Both of these interfere with the propagation of the signal
    3. The third one is thought; THE MIND. There’s nothing wrong with the body. It’s just sending the wrong signal at the wrong time.

    The biology of the body reacts to the thoughts we think in our mind. That implies that when we decide to think differently, the body biology also react in the same manner.


    This thinking or view leads on for us to make the conclusion that the mind is the sources of all illness or health. The human choice of will-power is exercised with the mind.

    The human PERCEPTION is the switch that controls the biology of the body. When you develop a perception, it is how you see the world that controls the biology.



    Your perception controls your behavior, and thus what happens in your body.


    But every day the media still tells you that genes control this and genes control that and then, people get nervous about what genes are in their family.

    Dr. Bruce warns, if you look for the disease, you can create the disease through epigenetics


    If you change your perception, you change the reading of your genes. If someone tells you that you’re going to have a disease and you believe in that, then you can create the disease.

    Put simply, the famous quote “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK”

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    Hope this article widened your perception and you gained some useful insights. Be kind to leave a comment below.



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