Healing with Chakra Energy

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The name chakra means energy centers but chakra may sound more sort of spiritual jargon to many people. Instead, we’ll use the name “Energy Centers” as we continue. Lower energy centers have low frequency as compared to that of upper energy centers.

When you do energy center blessing meditation, the vibrational frequency increases because the energy start to travel from lower centers up to the upper centers. When it reaches that thalamic gate within the brain, the person goes into a supper arousal state.

Sometimes the body is knocked out because literally there’s an excessive amount of energy being put into the body at one time. The body isn’t used to huge amount of energy but it’ll adopt.


Energy Flow As Explained By Dr. Joe Dispenza


The phenomenon of energy flow within the energy centers can’t be explained better by non-other than Dr. Joe Dispenza. He expertly explains this in a simple to understand English.

The word chakra can sometimes become a spiritual jargon because people associate chakra with their past and that they would also hear other people talking about it. Consequently, many people will conclude that it’s a spiritual junk and they close up.

That’s why we’d wish to use the word energy centers because it suits well with beginners learning energy healing. Also, Christian religious people and skeptics may not resonate well with the word chakras. So put simply, chakras are energy centers in our body.

Some people are subjective with the placing of stones on the energy centers in some healing therapy. We are all advocates of energy healing but Dr. Joe suggests we should always put our Attention there rather than putting stones on the energy centers.

Putting attention would do a far better job, but in any case it is the placebo effect, (our mind power or belief), that does the healing in any therapy.

Who Is Dr. Joe Dispenza?


Joe Dispenza, D.C. is a renowned lecturer known internationally, and he is a researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in over 32 countries on five continents. As an educator, he is driven by the passionate conviction that each of us hold the potential for greatness and abundance of abilities.

In his easy-to-understand, inspiring, and compassionate style, he has educated and encouraged thousands of individuals all around the world about mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our body, and how our mind can create the future that we want.


How Energy Flows Through The Energy Centers


Moving of energy starts with the bottom or root energy center and moves up to other centers. The frequency of the energy changes when it moves from one energy center to subsequent.

When the frequency changes, the message within the energy also changes because frequency is energy carrying information.

The first three energy centers are centers of survival. The creator has made these centers pleasurable and sacred. If you are going to cause a species to exist forever, you create procreation really pleasurable to ensure that you are doing it.

If there was no pleasure, well humans might still have a go at it knowing that their inheritance lies in it, but I feel other animals wouldn’t be intimate in the least. That’s why the creator has made it pleasurable for the survival of the species.


The second center features a lot to do with consumption and safety. It is sensible that you simply feel safe and secure once you have food and shelter.

The energy center is in balance once you feel safe but it also means consumption of food are often really pleasurable also and once you combat challenges in your life and you actually achieve them.

It takes energy to even rise up and move out of bed. You employ your third Center, but all of those three centers are consumers of energy. They draw energy from the vital field which is the Life-force within the body.

These three centers are easily in balance for all animals in the nature but not for most human animals. For instance, if you study most organisms in nature, they have a respect for mating at its natural timing.

They don’t overdo it. Animals have some way that they do not over consume the life-force energy in their body or else they become imbalanced. They also don’t over eat or eat too little. They only eat enough to keep them going bye.

The third Center is basically the ceiling of the ego and that is power. In the movie “Lord of The Rings”, the power is within the ring. Throwing the ring away meant abandoning the power for something greater and it’s LOVE.


Love has the greater frequency. All the energy centers have their own frequency and each frequency carries information. Frequency energy has an intent and when energy moves into anybody any of the centers, the systems begin to shift.

When the primary center switches on once you direct energy in there together with your attention, Dr. Dispenza teaches that, the energy that activates the brain within that center produces a mind in this Center.


That is so because the consciousness or energy moving through Neurological tissue was mind. When neurological tissue gets activated, all of a sudden there is a mind there. So when the primary center gets activated, it has a mind of its own.

Then the second center gets activated, and a 3rd Center, and therefore the fourth. When you’re coming from different centers there is a different consciousness or a unique intent.


What Energy Makes It To The Fourth Energy Center – The Heart?

When the energy moves up to the heart energy center, it’s not the consumption energy but there’s the expansion of energy. This is often the bridge that starts us to attach to our divinity.

And when connecting thereto and putting your attention on that, not only creates heart coherence, but it produces a bunch of other biological chemicals that are released.


About 1,400 different chemicals are produced when the heart is in coherence. These chemicals then begin to revive and repair the body.

Once you feel gratitude, once you feel love or once you feel freedom, this is often a special frequently. And this often where selflessness starts.


Can We Activate The Heart Energy Center?


The consciousness is different from simply when it’s from the primary Center. Once you have the energy from the lower centers rising and meeting the heart energy center, the energy transforms and expands into LOVE.

Once you have two coming together united and there is true love, there’s a gorgeous exchange of energy and you experience growth.

There is a huge amount of energy that sits within the first Center. Once you feel secure and safe in your environment, then that energy can enter the second Center.

You’d feel more in balance and you’ll consume, metabolize, digest, secrete and eliminate. All those Biological functions happen within the second Center

The opposite is true. Once you become compromised in your environment, then there is a threat or when there is a danger and therefore the environment becomes unsafe, then all of a sudden the autonomic nervous system kicks in and uses all the energy for safety because this is often how the body is meant to take care of itself. All the energy for growth and repair is put into protection.

When that happens, now your body is local in space and time. Numerous people have most of their energy by thinking and feeling within the first three centers. Living in this manner unconsciously leads to the incoherence that’s created within the brain.


The emotions that are stored within the first three centers for years of unconsciously thinking and feeling in the same way becomes a stumbling block. The body is designed to take thought and store it as energy in these lower centers.

Consequently, when you’re living within the survival world, then it takes tons of energy to open your heart because it goes against the survival gene.

Then you do not want to open your heart in survival because you’d be prey and be vulnerable. You will not even sit still, close your eyes and go within.

All of that goes contrary to the act of really opening your heart. It’s just not an honest time to try to that and other people specialize in matter when they’re therein state.



Moving energy from the lower energy centers to the heart Center and up to the brain.


Once you do meditation or other practices to maneuver the energy from the lower centers into the heart, once the energy makes it to the heart, then the heart acts as an amplifier.

Once it makes it here the energy goes all the way up to the brain, right to the thalamic gate, right into the brain and therefore the brain starts going into greater degrees of coherence.


It’s not some scientific theory or spiritual myth. In Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops, this is often proven by observation where they have brain scans when people are in super coherence. That’s really high level of coherence within the brain.

Because as students start moving energy into their heart, the brain can accommodate more energy now. Here’s the cool part.

The energy that they feel in their brain, when measured with scientific frequency instruments is in Delta, theta, alpha, beta, higher beta and is in gamma. It is a really organized brain. Dr. Dispenza has been building this model.

When your body is calm and during a relaxing mode like doing meditation and breathing coherence, and surrendering and letting go a touch bit more, all of that’s switching on the parasympathetic nervous system of growth and repair, and relaxation.

Practically, there are some people that are tuned up into the sympathetic nervous system their whole life and they don’t even know they’re there.

It’s just the way they’re but once you start relaxing and you begin opening up, then you start connecting to that energy together with your attention on it and therefore the nervous system starts to hamper.


When you start getting those really organized low alpha brainwave patterns and low theta brainwave patterns, you’re employing a level of awareness that begins to open that thalamic gate.

That gate is closed up most of the time in survival, so as you begin relaxing, it starts opening up.

You start opening up and it is the parasympathetic nervous system carrying those coherent theta wave patterns that start to build on each other.

Right off of that theta brainwave pattern, a bit of alpha comes in, and then comes gamma.

The body is so relaxed that it can become excited. Harmonizing the body switches on the sympathetic nervous system and signals the thalamic gate to opens up, which causes the brain goes into those high gamma brainwave patterns.


What Happens To The Brain Waves As Unraveled Energy Shoots Up To The Brain?


People who undergo the experience of energy shooting up to their brain are measured to have their brain waves frequencies above normal person’s variance.

Students in Dr. Dispenza’s class have been measured to have their brave wave patterns go 200MHz beyond normal.

The energy within the first Center is in fact a rolled up energy. Once you do the breath and you squeeze, you start to unravel that energy. When that energy unravels, all of that energy that’s sitting there begins to maneuver up and begins to induce more and more intense because it’s passing through different frequencies as it goes through the upper energy centers.

When it reaches the brain, it leads to the arousal of the sympathetic nervous system. The energy is ejaculating the vital force that you simply used to form a baby.

Rather than going out, now it’s rising and when it reaches the brain, that’s tons of energy and that’s tons of life-force going into brain so now the person goes into that super aroused state.


Dr. Joe says you will not see 200 standard deviations of brain waves outside of normal in many neuroscience studies, because it’s just so unbelievably outside of the normal variance.

But they have been measured it over and over again. The person is so coherent and very orderly that their harmonics and their frequencies build on other frequencies. That’s exactly how the energy centers work. They’re frequencies that build on other frequencies.

As you’re blessing your energy centers and resting your Attention on it, not only does it create coherence in there, but additionally, as you connect them, your act of becoming conscious and connecting and aligning, and feeling it move is creating the very neurological networks to induce the experience to happen automatically.

Naturally, as you start to open this pathway, Energy will begin to shift.

Energy Blockages Are Negative Emotions Created by Past Thoughts that are out of coherence


You can reverse engineer past thought. The blockage of energy in your body are going to be felt as a sensation in your body or you’ll feel it sort of pit in your gut or a lump in the heart.

Some people don’t even know what their emotion is. Just come up with a sensation, and once you have a bunch of sensations in your body, like you are feeling irritated and hot otherwise you feel your heart racing. The buildup of these sensations or feelings is named an emotion.

Now you’re ready to feel it as anger, frustration, hate, and so on, once we give names to emotions. But they’re really just physiological sensations of the body over and over being out of balance.

When it starts getting orderly and starts getting more coherent, it begins to permit energy to build on the previous Center and goes to subsequent center and therefore the next, and the next, and when those centers are aligned and in tune, you’ve got a really coherent healthy body.

In Dr. Dispenza’s workshops, those people that have done this work and blessing of the energy centers, they’ve healed themselves of all types of crazy health conditions that the doctors had no solution for. People that have chronic bladder infections, or prostate conditions, or any condition in anybody in these lower centers such as ovarian tumors.

The energy starts to maneuver or there’s balance in these centers when doing the breath and starting to disturb that energy.

As that energy begins to unwind, it just becomes pure energy that desires to travel back from where it came, and that’s to the brain because thoughts created those ill conditions.

Then the fear that’s stored within the body can change into freedom in one second. And it is the movement of energy.

Many times after you do the breath and awareness properly, people pass out. If you pass out, you’re doing it right. That’s a great deal of energy and you’ll see a flash of light and then you do not remember anything afterward.




In the beginning this mega energy getting into the brain scares people because they do not know what they’re losing control off. But that’s a decent squirt of energy making it into your brain.

The body will adapt because it’ll be ready to process a greater frequency. But when it first happens, it scares a great deal of individuals as its just raw energy moving back to its origins.

So gamma happens when there’s a huge amount of energy release into the brain. Gamma happens now and then even when you open your heart. You will see spurts of gamma once you are going into a deep meditation.


It’s better for you to look at a light spectrum. If you recognize the entire spectrum of light from the slowest radio waves all the way up to gamma waves and cosmic waves, it might be closer to the frequencies that the body processes within the energy centers.

Slow frequencies down below and faster as you go higher and all the way up.

Anyway, there is no linear correlation like that with energy centers. It’s more about just the movement of energy.

The slower ones are matter density. There’s tons of energy wrapped around an atom. When the atom starts to release like in an atomic bomb, that’s huge energy being released.


In the same way, slower frequency are at the bottom of your energy centers. As it moves up, it turns into a faster and faster frequencies and each one of those tissues can process and greater frequency become. That’s the movement of energy.


We hope you benefited from reading this article. Please leave comments on what your thoughts are on this subject. Or if you need additional information, let us to know below.



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