Renowned Energy Healer is Giving a Free $600 Online Group Healing Session Showing His Two-Day Energy Mastery® Training Can Positively Impact Your Life for Good. 

Renowned Energy Healer is Giving a Free $600 Online Group Healing Session Showing His Two-Day Energy Mastery® Training Can Positively Impact Your Life for Good. 

• Unfixable Health Ailments Healed  • Failing Relationships Saved 

• Money Blocks Shattered

• Unfixable Health Ailments Healed

• Failing Relationships Saved  

• Money Blocks Shattered 

Why Am I Doing This?

So others can experience the magic and miracles I

get to witness everyday with these tools. 

Why Am I Doing This?

So others can experience the magic and miracles I 

get to witness  everyday with these tools. 

Book A Free Group Healing Session Below

Normally $600 For The Healing, Now Thru Midnight Is Free If You Book Now!

*Limited to one healing per beautiful soul.

From Top Marketing Expert to Master Energy Healing Trainer

From Top Marketing Expert to Master Energy Healing Trainer

I was on top of the world making money as a top marketing expert.  I had everything a man could want, lots of money, healthy relationships, the respect of peers.  When my whole world came crashing down when my father took his own life. 

I still had all my skills and connections, but my health, my mental state, and overall well being was deteriorating rapidly.  

After emerging myself, I went from non believer to master trainer.  In now what I believe to be the fastest and healthiest way to deal with trauma, depression, or any any physical ailments. More on this later.

Personalized Paths for Advanced Souls

Free Sessions: A Glimpse into Our World of Healing

The reason behind offering you a free group healing session is simple yet profound. I want you to experience the same magic and miracles so many others have testified to.  

These sessions are a window into the transformative power of Energy Mastery®, showcasing how it is positively impacting the health, relationships, and finances of so many of my clients.

Those who experience a deeper transformation in the group session, may receive an invitation to be part of a larger movement.

A movement focused on unlocking your greatest potential and the ability to spread healing far and wide.

By joining us, you're stepping into a world where personal growth and helping others go hand in hand. Together, let's experience magic and embrace the journey to a better, more connected world.

Personalized Paths for Advanced Souls

The Upcoming Event: A Deeper Dive into Energy Mastery®

Many souls the finally arrive in front of these teachings have a deeper calling towards this healing work for yourself or others.  

We are conducting one-on-one healing interview calls with a member of my team. These discussions are crucial in understanding if our teachings align with your personal journey.

 We offer the opportunity to continue on a more personalized path. 

Following the free sessions, we'll be conducting one-on-one healing interview calls with a member of my team. These discussions are crucial in understanding if our teachings align with your personal health and wellness journey.

The Benefits of 

Energy Mastery®

The Benefits of Energy Mastery®

Mastering your energy will give you...

  • More vibrant and resilient health reducing the likelihood of illness provides peace of mind enhancing your overall mood and wellbeing

  • ​Improved immune system minimizes sickness or health challenges instilling a sense of strength allowing for a worry-free and active lifestyle

  • Improved relationships with others enhances communication and understanding in relationships promoting feelings of belonging contributes to a harmonious life

  • ​Improved finances enables a more comfortable and secure lifestyle reducing stress encourages a more relaxed and content life

  • ​Released anxiety and a calm nervous system improves mental health and wellbeing promotes feelings of calmness and tranquility encourages a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle

  • ​Deeper, more restful sleep enhances physical health and energy levels promotes feelings of restfulness and rejuvenation encourages a more active and energetic lifestyle

  • ​Increased focus and concentration enhances productivity at work promotes feelings of accomplishment and efficiency contributes to personal and professional growth and success

  • ​Ability to release old traumas that hold you static fosters emotional healing and personal growth promotes feelings of liberation and relief encourages a more peaceful and fulfilling life

  • ​More energy for life, family, and purpose allows more quality time spent on meaningful activities enhances feelings of fulfillment and purpose boosting overall happiness and satisfaction

What if I told you…

Energy Blockers Are Messing With Your Health, Relationships, and Money

Energy Blockers Are Messing With Your Health, Relationships, and Money

These Are All The Negative Things That Will Block The

Energy in Your Body from Being Able to Heal Itself

These Are All The Negative Things That Will Block The

Energy in Your Body from Being Able to Heal Itself

  • Stress: The modern world's constant hustle can frazzle your energy.

  • Negative Thoughts: Your own mind can be an energy saboteur.

  • Sensationalized Negativity: News outlets and gossip zaps energy.

  • Toxic Relationships: Emotional vampires can drain you.

  • ​Poor Diet: Junk food can muck up your energetic flow.

  • Lack of Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle stagnates energy.

  • Environmental Toxins: Pollution and chemicals can interfere.

  • ​Technology: Too much screen time disrupts your natural rhythms.

  • Lack of Sleep: Messes with your body's energy recharge system.

  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol and drugs can throw you off balance.

  • Disconnection from Nature: Losing touch with Earth's energy can unground you.

  • Suppressed Trauma's that have never been healed properly

  • ​Lack of Forgiveness toward others that have wronged you

  • Parents Unresolved Traumas negatively effecting the way they raised you

These inescapable human-made negative energy factors disrupt the flow of our natural energy. When this happens, it becomes like static in the radio of your life, messing with your body's natural frequency.

Your body is an energy vessel.

Your body is an energy vessel.

It’s your job to determine what kind of energy it’s filled with.

The kind that surrounds you like a dark fog, or nurtures you like a warm sunrise.

This Pent-up negative energy affects the body and can manifest as disease, pain, emotional disorders, depression, psychological issues, and countless ailments and illnesses.

It’s that simple.

The good news?

Everything you need to heal and optimize your own Body, Mind, Spirit, and Wallet is already within you right now.

Everything you need to heal and optimize

 your own Body, Mind, Spirit, and Wallet is 

already within you right now.

I understand you might be a bit skeptical that you hold that kind of power.

I was too, until…

I discovered the energy hygiene technique called Energy Mastery®, created by the world-renowned energy healer, Sheevaun Moran, that combines ancient practices–thousands of years old–and fine-tunes them with healing principles rooted in cutting-edge modern science, like:

  • Quantum Physics – Shifting your cellular energy has the power to positively transform any and every aspect of your life

  • ​Epigenetics – Aligning your energy positively turns on genes that promote well-being and turns off those that don't

And the best part? 

I'm not just going to show you; you'll live this healing transformation first-hand, right there at the event.

I promise you the transformation or energy shift you are about to step into is unlike anything you've experienced.

It has changed over 30,000 people’s lives–including mine–in unfathomable ways.

And it will change your life too

Give me just two days of your time.

Two days to Master Your Energy.

Two days to Transform Your Life and Earn Your Trust

Learn The Highest Teachings

On The Planet

Master the formula for achieving the life you desire, and deserve.

Unlock The Most Potent Energy Rituals In Existence

Transform not just yourself, but those around you who matter most.

Craft A Life That’s Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Enjoy the next level of health, wealth, love, and soul-deep satisfaction.

Here Are a Few of My Many Success Stories

Here Are a Few of My Many Success Stories

Crippling Back Pain Resolved ✅

Crippling Back Pain Resolved ✅

“What the h--- did you do to my mother?!”

“What the h--- did you do to my mother?!”



Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not what you think. 

My friend Anne had been suffering from debilitating back pain for months. She was taking steroids and pain meds to manage it, but they weren’t helping much. 

I convinced her to let me help her using energy healing. 

After the first healing session, Anne was nearly pain-free. Her overall pain level that she had been living with day-in and day-out, had gone from a “9” to a “2”.

Later that day, her daughter called and asked, “What the h--- did you do to my mom? Like, I don't understand what you did. She’s a different person! Thank you!”

That’s the power of Energy Mastery®.

Here is a video of Anne’s must-watch 

story discussing the miracles of energy healing.

Here is a video of Anne’s must-watch story discussing the miracles of energy healing.


I think it's just fascinating that it can have that big of a profound impact in something that's


taken months or even years to come to a head as far as the pain or the


ailments that you had that we could have such a profound change in such a short


period of time and really shift things for you in a very positive way.

From Anxious to Awe-Struck: How One Session Shifted Dave's Anxiety

From Anxious to Awe-Struck:

How One Session Shifted Dave's Anxiety

Dave battled months of gnawing anxiety that even acupuncture couldn't fully quell. Then he experienced a transformative energy healing session with me.

The result?

A spiritual, calming shift that melted his anxiety away for months, leaving him in awe of the power of energy healing.

"Just try it," he urges, "the reward far outweighs the risk."

If anyone would know that first-hand, it’s Dave.

Ready to see the magic unfold?

Watch Dave's full transformational journey

by clicking the video below!

Leon (08:01)

What would you want to tell somebody that's kind of on the fence about giving this a try?

Dave (08:05)

I would say definitely try it and just be open to it. I don't know that it's going to work for everyone as well as it worked for me, but I have a suspicion that it probably will and maybe work better for a lot of people, so I would say I don't know of any downside. Right. So it's asymmetrical risk reward in terms of a bet, so I'd say just try it"

From Skeptic to Believer:

Maria's Astonishing Transformation Through Energy Healing

From Skeptic to Believer: Maria's Astonishing Transformation Through Energy Healing

Curious to see how Maria went from skeptic to believer? Click to watch her full, jaw-dropping story!

Leon (03:30)

What was different after doing the first session with me. And maybe you could describe a little bit what that was like.

Maria (03:39)

I do not even believe I went from zero to 100 when I wake up that morning and it was something from my shoulder dropped, and it was not there anymore. And I could breathe. My heart was calm, and I was like, what did he do to me? I was kind of like, oh, did he do some kind of exorcism to me? Obviously not, but yeah, that was amazing. The result, and only from one session. Thank you.

Maria was stuck in a cycle of debilitating anxiety and mysterious physical symptoms that left her feeling powerless. Doctors offered no solutions, only labeling her as "depressed" or "crazy."

She was skeptical but desperate when she turned to me for some energy healing.

After just one transformative session, she felt as if a massive burden had been lifted off her shoulders. Her heart calmed, her body relaxed, and she finally regained control over her life.

The experience was so profound that Maria, once a skeptic, now wholeheartedly believes in the power of energy healing to change lives.

Unlocking the Power of Energy Healing: A Candid Chat with Su Ling on Transformation & Renewal

Unlocking the Power of Energy Healing:

A Candid Chat with Su Ling on Transformation & Renewal

Su Ling, initially sought my help for stress and anxiety, as well as to cleanse past traumas.

She was skeptical but found immediate relief after her sessions, admitting that the healing even impacted her relationships, notably with her boyfriend and children.

Her kids, who also underwent energy healing, showed significant improvements in their behavior and life situations too.

Su Ling is now more focused, calmer, and has a better handle on her stress. She's so impressed by the results that she's considering becoming an energy healer herself.

She encourages anyone on the fence to just "go for it" and experience the benefits of energy healing.

Intrigued by Su Ling's journey?

Watch her full healing story!

Leon (07:32)

Yeah, for sure. What was the most unexpected thing that you experienced in working with me?

Su Ling (07:39)

Unexpected things. Something that I didn't tell you about. And then you just picked it up. So it's really personal. So I think it was one or two. I was molested. And then you picked that up. I didn't tell you about it. And you sensed that sexual energy, that dark energy, and you cleanse that up. Yeah. I don't really think about it unless there is some news that brought up that subject. I was like, oh, yeah, I was that too. But now I'm okay.

Transformative Energy Healing:

From Injury to Blissful Recovery

Transformative Energy Healing: From Injury to Blissful Recovery

Watch her full healing story!

Leon (03:53)

What did you think the next day when you woke up and you noticed that it wasn't there?

Kayla (03:58)

Honestly, I was pretty surprised. I was like, Wait a minute, really? I was surprised that it could work that quickly, especially with my open wound.

Leon (04:10)

What was probably the most surprising part about all of this?

Kayla (04:22)

I don't know. I think that I was a bit of a skeptic. I think all of this stuff can work, absolutely. But, I was really surprised at how quickly I felt better.

In this captivating video, join Leon Kolaski and Kayla as they share a remarkable story of healing and magic through the power of energy work. Leon, an expert in working with energy, recounts the journey of helping Kayla recover from the aftermath of a car accident. With a single session the limp Kayla had for over 1 year was gone.. Finally, after making time for a dedicated session, they witnessed something truly extraordinary.

Kayla opens up about the physical ailments she experienced following the accident, including an injured foot and a stubborn, non-healing wound on her heel. Despite her hopes for natural resolution, the pain persisted, leaving her concerned about potential infections. However, after just a short session with Leon, Kayla was amazed by the immediate results. Not only did her limp disappear, but the wound on her heel finally started to heal and scab over after weeks of no progress. The experience left Kayla feeling blissful, calm, and at peace. Her skepticism was shattered, and she encourages others to give energy healing a try, emphasizing that there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

By sharing this inspiring story of transformation, Leon and Kayla hope to spread awareness about the incredible potential of energy healing and encourage others to explore this unique approach to holistic well-being.

Why We Practice Energy Mastery®!

Why We Practice Energy Mastery®!

Unlocking the Power of Energy Mastery Teachings:

Unlocking the Power of Energy Mastery Teachings:

Are you interested in energy mastery but unsure of its real-world impacts? How about starting your journey with an insightful video featuring Leon Kolaski and Joyce, an experienced energy mastery instructor! This video is a treasure trove of firsthand experiences, practical insights, and inspiring stories that reveal the transformative power of energy mastery.

In this candid conversation, Joyce shares her personal journey into the realm of energy mastery, her initial skepticism, and the profound impact it had on her life that turned her into a believer. She recounts how she used energy work on herself to overcome the constant mental chatter and how this practice brought about peace and calmness in her life. She also shares how energy mastery has allowed her to help others, even remotely, and her awe at the tremendous results.

Beyond personal benefits, Joyce discusses the significant improvement in her business after incorporating energy mastery, even quadrupling her income. Her passion for teaching and the desire to bring about healing and positivity in people's lives led her to become an energy mastery instructor. If you're looking for real-life examples of how energy mastery can transform lives and businesses, this video is a must-watch.

Joyce (07:02)

Because I'm such a big believer of the work (Energy Mastery®) and how it works and how it impacts the lives of people.

Joyce (07:09)

I really feel like that's what I'm here to do is to help bring light and love and joy and healing to people. And so this is just one more of those awesome tools.

Meet Your 

Energy Mastery® Teacher

Meet Your Energy Mastery® Teacher

About Leon Kolaski

About Leon Kolaski

Hi! My name is Leon Kolaski, and I transformed from a person who proudly said, “I don’t believe in that ‘energy’ stuff!” to go on to become an extremely proficient master energy healer.


The simple truth is, it was a result of tremendous pain.

Nearly 4 years ago, my father took his own life. It gutted me to the core and caused me an obscene amount of inner agony.

I tried everything you can imagine to numb my pain.

Nothing worked.

Until, I discovered Sheevan Moran’s intensive Energy 

Mastery® trainings.

For the first time, I experienced something far greater than hope wrapped in a band-aid fix.

I experienced … true healing.


As I used these teachings daily for myself, I repeatedly experienced first-hand what I had openly mocked before: energy healing.

The Energy Mastery® teachings helped me overcome my emotional pain, my grief, and the lethargy of life that had become my numbed normal.

Below are images of my main energy field. In one you can see I'm super vibrant and clean, the other image is filled with massive amounts of trauma and poopy energy.

I vividly recall the day when the Poopy energy image left a lasting impression on me. It occurred around three weeks after my father's passing when I sought solace at a treatment center that utilized a rife machine-like therapy. At that point, I was desperately searching for anything that could alleviate my pain and bring about some sense of relief.

During the session, after a few minutes had passed, the technician glanced over at me, clearly taken aback, and exclaimed, "My dear God, what happened to you?" I proceeded to explain my circumstances, sharing the immense emotional and psychological turmoil I was navigating. Although the specific treatment I received didn't prove effective in improving my well-being, it did offer a visual representation of the deep-seated trauma I was currently grappling with.

Before My Traumatic Event

After My Traumatic Event

I think that so many of us go through lots of trauma and difficult situations in our life as part of our soul's growth or soul journey. These experiences serve as opportunities for us to discover the immense power that resides within us.

One of the reasons I am hosting this event is because I feel a deep sense of responsibility towards the teachings that have had a profound impact on my own journey. I believe that one of the greatest privileges in life is to not only help ourselves, but also to reach a state of mastery where we can support and guide others, ultimately reducing suffering and pain in the world.

It is important to note that as we extend our healing to others, we often find that it has a transformative effect on ourselves beyond what we could have ever imagined.

What was even more surprising…

What was even more surprising…

I discovered that not only was I able to heal myself, I could use these techniques to heal others too.

So I did.

One after another, I healed a wide variety of symptoms and ailments, inside and out. I continued this for the better part of 4 years, continuing to train and improve this unique healing method

And the truth is, I never expected to get so much fulfillment by being a vessel for the healing of others.

But here I am.

And here you are.

I don’t believe you found this page by mere chance.

You’re here for a reason.

You’re here because you need help with something that is disturbing your peace and disrupting your energy.

I’m here to show you how to heal that within yourself.

How to master your energy so you can transform your life.

Meet My Teacher

Sheevaun Moran

Meet My Teacher

Sheevaun Moran

Fifteen years ago, Sheevaun Moran found herself on the brink of death due to a severe sepsis incident.

As she lay in the hospital bed, a thought surged through her: "I had healed myself."

This realization was a crescendo in a lifelong symphony of heightened awareness, where Sheevaun had always sensed more than those around her.

From childhood, she was intrigued by the dissonance between people's words and their true thoughts, their body language often betraying their spoken words. Over time, she discerned patterns and began to offer solutions to complex problems. To the surprise of many, her solutions worked.

Life took her to California, a place she felt held endless possibilities. However, it was here that she faced immense personal challenges, including the sudden loss of her husband. Yet, these trials only sharpened her focus. After healing herself from the life-threatening sepsis, Sheevaun channeled her unique skills into helping companies scale and sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. She seamlessly blended her love for business with her mastery of energy solutions.

Leaders often grapple with draining energies and the need for quick resets. Sheevaun's techniques offer a complete revision of consciousness and mindset, leading to greater clarity, rewards, and prosperity on multiple levels. When faced with uncertainty or obstacles, her guidance helps leaders regain their vision for better planning.

Sheevaun's heart lies in healing those committed to making their unique impact on the world–no matter how big or small. After all, life is too short to be stuck outside one's zone of flow and genius.

Transformed in One Session: See the Before & After

Transformed in One Session: See the Before & After

Steph Before

Steph After

Arianne Before

Arianne After

Suling Before

Suling After

Jessi Before

Jessi After

Jaylen Before

Jaylen After

Crystal Before

Crystal After

Kayla Before

Kayla After

If this is the glow my clients radiate after one single session, just imagine the light you'll shine, the weight that will be lifted, and how recharged you’ll feel after a whole weekend at my Energy Mastery® Class.

Secure Your FREE Group Healing Session Now (Normally $600)...

And Learn if the Energy Mastery® Class is a Good Fit For YOU.

Secure Your FREE Group Healing Session Now (Normally $600)...

And Learn if the Energy Mastery® Class is a Good Fit For YOU.

This is your invitation for a life-changing, transformative journey–limited to 100 beautiful souls.

I deeply value the sacred teachings I’ve been entrusted with, and am committed to healing heart-centered individuals to unlock their own potential and go on to impact others.

If you feel a resonance within and something inside of you is drawn to this work, here's your chance to experience it firsthand.

Book your Healing Interview Call, split into two impactful segments.

1. Energy Healing Session—Experience the transformative power firsthand; snap a before-and-after selfie to witness first-hand your energy shift.

2. Energy Mastery® Assessment—See if my upcoming training is your perfect fit with absolutely no pressure to attend; I’ll answer all your questions.

To get started, simply book your call below. Mark the time on your digital calendar or ask Siri or Alexa to remind you. We'll text you 10 minutes before the call. Make sure you're in a quiet space, free from distractions.

*Limited to the first 100 beautiful souls that apply.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

"The energy of the mind is the

essence of life"

~ Aristotle 

A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”

~ Eric Micha'el Leventhal

“We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know,

I have done so... In the morning, know that

you are Loved, You Are Love

and You Love”

~ Lisa Bellini

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

You don't need to fully understand or believe in how energy healing works for it to have an effect on you. However, it is important to be open and receptive to the process in order for it to work effectively.

If you're still feeling skeptical, consider this analogy: Have you ever boiled a cup of water in a microwave? You can't see the waves that heat the water, but you know they exist because the water boils. Similarly, even though we can't see the energy that affects our bodies, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Think about the invisible energy waves that surround us every day, such as those from microwave towers, radar, electromagnetic devices, and radio waves from our cell phones. These energies disrupt the natural flow of our own energy.

When the energy in our bodies becomes disrupted, blocked, or depleted, it can lead to illness and a lack of enjoyment in life. Energy healing helps to restore and balance our natural energy, promoting overall well-being.

So, energy healing can work for anyone who is open to it and willing to explore its benefits.

Are the Energy Mastery® trainings safe?

a. Completely no-touch and non-invasive

b. Gentle, calming, and pain-free

c. No drugs or medications of any kind

Can I work on others?

Yes! You can use these same techniques to help others around you. You can even help animals.

Here is one example:

"It's been over 6 months since I got certified & have seen many miracles.

Here are a few recent updates...

I worked on a few of my animals having tumors-my cat's have disappeared & my ole pup still has his yet his daily routine has improved by leaps and bounds.

On the human front, my issues of pain continue to lessen."

- Robin Fox Paulsen

Energy healing works on your energy or aura, while ailments first appear as energetic disruptions. Left untreated, they manifest into physical or emotional symptoms.

By cleansing and ridding yourself of negative energies, you'll see levels of health and happiness you probably haven't experienced since you were young.

What kind of problems can this help?

We work on the things that block your energy and unwind the negative threads of old trauma that can hold you back. Once we uncover the root cause of deep-seated issues, we've seen miraculous results in all areas of life, including:

• Physically

• Mentally

• Emotionally

• Spiritually

• Relationships

• Financially

These teachings provide a solution you can use in any circumstance to cleanse poopy energy and self-heal. It works!

Start Your Healing Journey: 

Get a Free Energy Healing Session & See if the Energy Mastery® Training is

a Good Fit.

Get a Free Energy Healing Session 

& See if the Energy Mastery® Training is a Good Fit.

With Leon Kolaski

Master Your Energy, Transform Your Life.

Master Your Energy, Transform Your Life.

May 4-5 • Los Angeles

Book Your Group Healing Session Below

Book Your Group Healing Session Below

Normally $600 For The Healing, Now Thru Midnight Is Free If You Book Now!

Normally $600 For The Healing, Now Thru Midnight Is Free If You Book Now!

*Limited to the first 100 beautiful souls that apply.

It Is In Giving That We Receive

It Is In Giving That We Receive

-Saint Francis of Assisi 

A portion of your tuition will be donated to Create A Bright Life – a Non-Profit Organization Founded to Share Food, Resources and Shelter to Those in Need.

Every month, I help multiple families receive shelter, relieve hundreds of people from the pains of hunger, and provide blankets for tens of children to protect them from the cold.

The moment you register for this Energy Mastery® class, healing for others in need will immediately begin. It is in giving that we receive.

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