Energy healing with hands: How does it work?

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The primary source of evidence for energy healing with hands are studies that have been published in the mainstream medical literature that show that the human hands of a healthy individual produced the entire spectrum of visible light from the palms of the hands.

Energy healing with hands has been practiced since the ancient times and it is still used today and is becoming ever popular nowadays. However, it is also fair to say that there are a good number of skeptics that believe in coincidences always seek out for scientific proof.

“There in an intelligence which permeates every atom of matter and embraces every unit of energy perceptible”. Bob Proctor.

There is a secret which governs the entire universe. Everything in the universe is made of matter including you and me. And all matter vibrates at a frequency level. If you take a small piece of wood or stone and place it under a super microscope, you will see that it actually vibrates.

This is a scientific fact so it is correct to say that everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different levels of frequency. So we are all connected and the universe is one and whole. The universe is simply a network of energy.

This energy flows around us, through us and within us. We can through practice manipulate it to do energy healing with hands, because our hand is an efficient outlet of this intelligent energy that flows in us, through us, and around us.

How our Intention works in Energy Healing

Our thoughts are vibration frequencies and it resonates through the universe and through all matter. We can then use our intention and awareness to direct this infinite energy through our body to do energy healing with hands.

When the Energy Healing Practitioner raises his/her frequency through meditation, prayer, positive thought and intention, the ill person now will have to raise his/her vibration to meet that higher frequency. Many chronic diseases are caused by negative emotions stored in the body that are not removed or cleansed.

The negative emotions such as hatred or sorrow hold a very low vibrational frequency. So when a sick person’s frequency is raised to meet that of the energy healing practitioner, the illness simply goes away because it cannot exist in that high frequency. Thus, energy healing with hands is manifested.

Put two pendulums which are vibrating at different frequencies swing together, and after a while they will synchronize and vibrate in unison in the same frequency. The same principles apply to the ill person when the practitioner does energy healing with hands.

It is important to note that the healer is the sick person. The energy healing practitioner only aids the sick to raise his/her vibrational frequency to heal himself/herself.

How Powerful is Energy Healing with Hands?

This infinite intelligence grows seeds into trees, causes the earth to rotate around the sun, and powers the heart to pump blood and the lung to breathe while we sleep. It is the same energy that forever maintains the natural order of the universe.

This intelligence may, through the principle of intention and visualization, be induced to aid in transmuting desires into material form. Because God has given us the “will power”, we have the power of choice to access this intelligent energy and direct its flow through our hands to do healing; or for that matter to manifest anything into our life in a material form.

Successful people such as Bob Proctor knows this secret and have used it to enhance his life and have attained great wealth. Renowned healing practitioners such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Richard Gordon and many others have used this secret to do countless energy healing with hands; some of which defy/(sock) traditional medical science.

Energy healing works in all areas of life

Energy healing works on every aspect of our life. The 3 pillars of our life are;

  1. 1. Career and finance,
  2. 2. Love and relationships, and
  3. 3. Well-being, Health and satisfaction.

Energy healing gets to those areas of limitations in our lives, some of which we are not aware of. Some areas of limitation are not the obvious ones like you were abused in childhood.

That’s an obvious area of limitation but what about the unseen ones like after you’ve done 10 to 15 years of psychotherapy, 10 to 15 years of group counseling, 10 to 15 years of motivational seminars and they tell you that, “hey you don’t have to live this kind of crappie life. You can have something more,” but yet it works for a little while and you are back to zero or the sick returns.

That is because the root cause has never been dealt with. It is the dramatic emotions you experienced long ago buy are unaware of.  Energy healing gets to those limitations that your cognitive mind cannot get to and somehow it begins to dissolve those limitations and then all of a sudden miracle starts happening.

Those areas you felt like you were coming up against the walls, no matter what you did, no matter how many books you read, how many Sunday services you attended, now starts to break free. Energy healing makes it possible. What it does is, it begins to dissolve those limitations and all of a sudden you are experiencing more space, more freedom, and more alive.

Those deep-rooted problems seemed to have been your blockages and now energy healing dissolves all that and opens up more space to create more possibilities for growth. Now you realize you are no longer limited by these unseen things you have been trying to figure out for all these years but no one’s been able to get to it. And that is the reality (miracle) of how energy healing works.

Proof that Energy Healing with Hands Does Work

We live in a vibrational universe. The basis of every physical thing we see is in fact energy. You can think of this energetic reality as the quantum field or as the blue print of physical reality. So anytime you are focused on changing some aspects of this quantum field, you change the physical field because the physical reality must follow suit.

Isaac Newton says. “To change the atom, you need to change the field in which the atom exists.” This quantum field is the energy.

Well then how do we change the field?

Gregg Braden, a trained scientist, makes reference to the hidden secrets of the bible and quotes in John 16: 23-24, 26… When the two combine in the one house,” when the heart and the mind marry, “you say mountain move and it shall move. Say it with no hidden motive and be engulfed or be surrounded by your answers.”

When we think of a thought and apply emotion to it, energy flows. The reason that energy healing works then is that when you are introducing your own vibration, for which vibration can be a thought you are thinking or any kind of intention, when you introduce that vibration, you are causing the other person or whatever else you are applying thought energy on, to en-train and resonate with the vibration which you are introducing.

The law of the universe is the law of attraction. Meaning that the only vibrations which can share space are vibrations which resonate or match. And so, most commonly it is the dominant vibration which becomes the vibration with which all else matches.

If you are able to maintain dominant vibration, the person’s body, or the water or the food, whatever it is that you are introducing that energy to, must rise up to match that higher frequency and must entrain with that frequency. Thus, the body must no longer be a match to those negative physical conditions which they are experiencing. That’s when healing takes place.

There are so many energy healing modalities or religions and like every other profession, not everyone can agree. But the one thing that everyone do agree on is that “were ever the mind goes and feeling (emotion) is applied, the energy flows.

The most important part of energy is your thought and your emotion. Whenever the two combine, energy flows and things happen. As you can imagine, knowing this first principle of energy work is incredibly important for you to be deliberate about your focus and awareness.

You cannot walk into the room with somebody who is having an ailment and focus on the ailment and be a match to the solution for that person. That will now work. You have to hold, as a picture in your mind, the improved state or the process of improvement.

The person’s body and their energetic field is going to match that idea which you are now focused on. So instead of walking in the room with someone with a broken bone and putting focus on the brokenness of that bone. You want to walk in there and focus your mind on anything that is a positive vibrational state, such as a deeply healed bone, a completely healed and healthy bone, or white light potentiality.

You can focus on anything like that which will help the person resonate with that improved state. You can also focus on a process like pulling negative energy out of that bone and then suturing the bone back up. The most important thing is that you are focused on what the end result you want.


Can anyone do energy healing with hands?

All people are capable of energy work. If you are a Christian, its faith healing or prayer healing. The trick is;
1. You must understand how to harness energy and practice it regularly
2. To do healing, you must vibrate at high frequency.

Some people know how to raise their vibration quickly. It is true that some are born with this innate talent and the innate drive and intention to do healing work. Others are born with psychic abilities to do extraordinary healing. Regardless, there is not one person walking this planet that cannot help to heal another person.

Let’s examine why ancient healers would want to traditionally use hands in an energy healing session. Knowing that the number one most important thing involving energy work is were the mind is going.

It’s because naturally, the energy flows through your body in a specific pattern, and the major output for that energy flow is through your hands. So yes, anyone can do healing when they understand these universal principles and continually practice energy healing.


Final Thoughts on Energy Healing with Hands

Scientists say these quantum energy field is infinite. the same energy runs through us too either in low or higher vibration frequency depending on our emotional state. In the beginning we said the primary source of proof for this energy healing with hands are studies published in the mainstream medical literature that show that the human hands of a healthy individual can the entire spectrum of visible light from the palms of the hands.

Now in addition to the visible spectrum of light that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which is visible, the human body also produces infrared radiation from the hands and some ultraviolet. One reference found there is from the Journal of Korean Physical Society. But there were other medical journals as well that had peer reviewed published articles that demonstrate that the human hands produce light.

This is fascinating because  almost every energy healing modality uses the hands as the source of the energy for the healing. The likes of  Reiki, chronic healing, pranic healing, quantum touch, and so on.

You name in any sort of mainstream energy healing practice, you see the hands being used. In religious healing, the laying of hands and all those ancient painting like Buddhist paintings and Hindu paintings, you see hand with the wheel in it. So the hand is prominent in all forms of alternative healing so called energy healing.


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