About Me

I have gone through tough cycles in life and had my share of ups and downs. I had spent 15 years of my working life mostly backpedaling and going around in a vicious cycle, never really going anyway.

It is those experiences that made me to seek an unconventional approach. That’s when I decided to seek energy healing and clear the blockages that were holding me back in life.


Hope keeps me going  

Without hope I have nothing. We make decisions and our choices make us who we are now. It is said that humanity is causing unimaginable alteration to the natural order and ecosystem at a faster rate bringing dramatic unnatural change to Mother Earth.

Scientists believe some of these changes, such as global warming, may not be reversible when we tilt over the turning point. We need to change our ways on how we relate to nature. There are overwhelming evidence that many chronic diseases and illnesses are brought about by the choices of modern lifestyle.

Many believe humanity has lost its alignment with nature, and the media has corrupted our minds through social conditioning, and that the planet has no future.

This could be true looking at the way we see how modernization is bringing destructive consequences to the natural balance.

But I disagree that humanity is destined for extinction. I believe that humanity is destined for greater feats and much bigger purpose beyond science and rational understanding.

I believe that humanity is so full of hope. And our salvation lies within each one of us. The ability to heal lies with ourselves. We just need to uncover for our self.

My Mission

My name is Kemos Yowe, and I have taken this path to investigate the world behind the mainstream media; the world behind science and the pharmaceutical drugs, and uncover the truth behind energy healing and the ancient healing secrets long lost to humanity.

Yes, we may live in a mess created by civilization, but the world is awakening behind the scenes. There are individuals out there that are changing the world. People are manifesting miracles of natural energy healing that is baffling science. I want to make it my job to seek out these facts and individuals that are thinking differently and live in a different way altogether from the ordinary.

The masses are poisoned my media and move on in life looking in the same direction. These awakened individuals think differently and are bringing an era of wakening revolution to the world, mostly behind mainstream media that you and I may not be aware of. There are amazing people out there who are showing with scientific proof that we can heal ourselves. Not only of diseases, but we can heal all other areas of our life including;

  • Holistic health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Wealth, etc.

They explain the secret behind why the wealthy are getting wealthier whilst the poor get poorer, and how the poor are conditioned to depend on pharmaceuticals. They explain and show how you can heal yourself form all these blockages using energy.

I head out on a mission to make a comprehensive finding on the secrets of energy healing and assemble the findings here, and the stories of these amazing people. Their stories and findings will challenge your beliefs, make you question your choices, and perhaps inspires you to change the way you think.

I say ‘secrets’ because not everyone is aware of energy healing facts or methods. Some even have nil idea or  have never heard of such concept as “energy healing’.

Take the journey with me

I have never planned on doing any of these. But circumstances in life have opened my eyes and lead me in this direction. Now I can’t stop but to dig deeper. My perception has been the major obstacle and we are limited by it. Our culture, tradition, education and experience have built our perception and we see the world through this filter.

If you are new to energy healing, you need to first free your mind and remove your perceptual filters before you can understand anything I share on this site. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you may simply become another skeptic.

You are capable of more than you know. You deserve more and you are worthy of prosperity and true freedom. The resources here at LEH  can help you;

  • attain personal growth,
  • heal blockages
  • fix relationships
  • cure diseases
  • attain wealth, health and prosperity, and
  • unveil the true potential in you


Join me as I seek out the wonders of energy healing and hope you get inspired along the way.


Looking forward to meeting you in the readings.


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