Ways to Raise Your Vibration Fast

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Your body is a walking antenna like a radio. Raising your vibration to higher mind faculty is like tuning to the right station you want. High vibrational emotions have high frequencies that are associated with Intuition, Health, Wealth, and Abundance, leading to a prosperous life.

Low vibration emotions have low frequencies that are associated with sickness, poverty and limitations, leading to struggles in life. To raise your vibrations the power lies in your ability to connect the mind and your heart by practicing proven ways that will help you raise your vibration. Vibrational frequency for healing is above 430 MHz, so to receive healing you must raise you vibration above level.

What is vibration frequency?

All matter in the universe is made of energy. There is an infinite quantum field of energy, which is the source of all creation. This energy is ever-changing in response to our thought. That means our thought, either conscious or unconscious, affect this energy in a way to manifest what we are thinking about and reflects it.

This energy vibrates at different frequencies. There are low vibrations, (not good), and higher vibrations, (good). Everyone has their own vibrational frequencies. Enlightenment has the highest vibrational frequency. Emotions like hate has the lowest vibrational frequency.

Below you will look at the ways you can raise your vibrations and most importantly learn the high vibrational emotions and practice them. And remember, you don’t have to believe anything, but just practice them. That’s very important, just practice the methods given here.


Ways to raise your vibration Fast

Start with a positive thought. Become optimistic, encourage and love others. Believe in goodness and have gratitude for the miracle of life. Appreciate what you already have and be mindful of your thoughts. Belief in yourself and step out of your comfort zone to face your challenges.

  1. Become conscious of your awareness. Thoughts become things. Be aware of where your thought is going.
  2. Eat organic food. Be careful about what you eat. If you can afford, eat organic food and foods that make you feel good. Processed food contain petroleum contaminants and are low frequency foods, which can cause chronic illness.
  3. Do routine small exercises in the mornings or afternoons. The trick to wining your mind is to do the things that you don’t like or feel bored but which brings benefits to you.
  4. Practice high vibrational emotions such as: Love, Gratitude, Humility and Kindness.
  5. Meditation and prayer is the most effective and greatest tools available freely to raise your vibration to a higher level. It is now proven by science that the mind goes to tranquility during meditation. Healing and manifestation occur easily in tranquility (calm) state of the mind. Psalms 84:4. “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still directs your energy inwards and raises your aura.
  6. Listen to vibrational frequency beats that sooth your mind. Works better with a headphone. Scientific studies now proves that sound can now heal chronic illnesses and diseases.
  7. Associate people who resonate high vibes. Asses who you normally hang out with. Negative people are energy draining vampires. High vibration people are those with whom you have the feelings of joy, positively and love.
  8. Detox your body. Search on Google for effective ways to detox your body. One way is to bathe yourself with cooking salt before taking a shower. Salt has been used in ancient times to destroying negative energy, and is used today by pranic healing modalities to cleans the body.
  9. Take a walk in the park and enjoy the beauty of nature. We are connected to nature. Don’t suffocate your body locked up in your houses or apartments. From time to time bring your body to where it belongs.
  10. Breathing exercise. To learn the proper way to breath, look at how the toddler’s breathe while they are sleeping. Take deep breaths into your abdomen and breathe in and out consciously for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this every day when you feel your energy is low.



Why you need to raise your vibration

High vibrational emotions have high frequencies that are associated with Health, Wealth, and Abundance leading to a prosperous life. Low vibration emotions have low frequencies that are associated with sickness, poverty and limitations leading to struggles in life.

Quantum physics can now measure the frequency of the vibrations of any matter including human emotions. Before I did this research I was expecting the emotion of LOVE to top the chart but I was surprised it is ranked under other emotional states.

Anyway, the tabled below is the outline of frequencies for the vibration of human emotions.

For people who are constantly in shame, despair and worthlessness feelings, they are no better than a dead man walking, because, as you can see from the frequency table, the frequency for those emotions are closer to a dead body.

In terms of health, put the following into perspective:

  • Frequency for healthy human body is around 250 MHz and above. On or below that is a survival mode
  • Human cells start to mutate or change when the frequency drops below 62 MHz. So for example: Your body is at 58 MHz when you have the cold or the flu.
  • 42 MHz is the frequency of a body where cancer can appear.
  • When a human body is dying, the frequency is measured to be around 20 MHz.
  • Dead foods, such as hamburger and chicken have a frequency of 3 – 5 MHz.
  • Raw almonds vibrate at 50 MHz.
  • Veggies and greens like broccoli and wheat grass have a frequency of 70 MHz.

So, to raise your vibration, eat high frequency foods. Usually these are raw fruits, veggies and food that have high nutritional value. Try to stick to whole foods; foods that are closest to their original form compared to more processed versions of that food.


Holistic Approach to Raising Vibrations

Look at vibration in a holistic perspective. From low frequencies to higher frequencies, everything in the universe is connected. There is only one power but it manifests in different forms. We are all one and the same. We think we are different but we are not. We tend to think different thoughts and different ideas but we are all connected. Wisdom manifests when we can understand this and I think many of the problems of life will go away.

Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind is a faithful servant”. Human society is built in a way that we honor the servant and forgotten the gift of higher intuition, which is a higher vibration faculty. Civilization is taking human beings further and further away from its connection to nature.

As a result we indulge in low vibration emotions and practices. We eat processed food with low frequency MHz. Yet sometimes people don’t have a choice because of how the society is being organized and thus sicknesses befall human society.

We have forgotten those thoughts of higher faculty; the will power, imagination, reason, and intuition. Look at life in the wild. They operate by instinct; what they see, smell, taste, and touch. It’s important we understand this.

Understand this facts enables us to use these higher faculty thoughts to start doing the things that elevate us to the highest form of being. We can access our intuition and control the flow of our thought energy. We can let it flow freely to and through us pulling everything with which it connects to come to us.

With the higher faculty thoughts of higher vibrations, we can manifest health, wealth and prosperity. If your energy is low, start practicing the 10 ways to raise your vibration fast.


Final Thoughts on Ways to Raise your  Vibration

The best way to think of vibrations is this; choose what you want in life. Let’s say for example, abundance. OK then abundance exists at a higher frequency level so look at the current state of your consciousness. If your emotions are at a low frequency level, well, then now you know what to to do. You need to raise you vibration by practicing the methods given above to raise your frequency level to match that of abundance and maintain it there.

You might fall back at lower frequencies at times. Life is ups and downs, but the important thing is to keep on doing it. You see, the mind is used to lower frequency so it will always try to move back down to the normal

That’s where you steadfast. Teach the brain your new normal. The new normal is the frequency level of abundance in this case. Scientific studies have been done in this area and found that the mind needs about 30 days to accept the new normal, give or take depending on individuals. In other words we are saying the mind and the body needs 30 days plus to condition them to accept what we want to implant.

From there on, the body is automatically tuned to your desired frequency. Your vibration is like a radio. All you have to to do is know how to tune it to the right station. When you understand this energy and frequencies of human interactions with the Quantum field of energy, you can manifest healing, wealth, relationships or anything you desire into your life. Bob Proctor says, “If we can see it in our mind, we can hold it in our hands”.

What’s outlined here are the best ways I know of that you can utilize to raise you vibration. If you need help in raising your vibrations and improving your life, please comment or seek out assistance. And also, if you have other questions or comment, please leave them in the comment section.


Hope you benefited from this information. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



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