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Are you living in a vicious cycle of poverty, struggle, sickness and worry?

Then you have come to the right place.

You have become the prisoner of your own mind that is running automated programs.

Break the chain by Reprogramming your mind for success, good health and Prosperity.

You can learn to heal yourself from all the bad things happening in your life that is keeping you down from the person you are supposed to be. And when your heal, you will transcend all areas of your life and become a truly free soul.




Scientific Facts About Our Body

The Mind is not in the body. Mind is part of the subtle body or the spirit body, together with our thoughts, feelings and emotions.


That means illnesses that exists in the mind, such as depression, can not be cured by pharmaceutical drugs. The drugs may only give temporary relive to the symptoms but it is not the cure for the root cause.


Energy illnesses can only be cured with energy. Cure will only come from manipulating the life-force energy with your mind. The state of your health now is the result of your thought process from the past up to the present.


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What is Life-force Energy?

Life-force energy is the engine that powers the body;
  • the intelligent powerful energy from God the Creator to his Creation,
  • the essence of our being,
  • our consciousness,
  • our soul,
  • Vitality, ability to live or exist.


It is the  central energy that circulates through all living things, and  known in different cultures with varied names;
  • Prana in Ayurvedic medicine;
  • Chi in Chinese medicine;
  • Ki in Japanese medicine


How Can Life-Force Energy Heal The Body?

The mind is the government of the body. Every thought from the mind interrupts the biological signals of the body. Irregardless of what sort of thought signal the body receives, it must obey the authority, which is the mind.


When your thought is of fear and worry, then the body must obey instantly and releases stress hormones  into the blood stream to shut down the functions that are not related to the signal.

More energy is pumped into the legs and arms to get the body ready for fight or flight. Important functions like digestion, body repair and healing, and the body’s defense mechanisms are shut down to preserve energy.


People in constant worry or fear are sending consistent negative signals to the body.  Imagine what it does to the health of the body.

That’s important because the body’s immune system is constantly being shut down unconsciously.


The life-force energy cycle is being disturbed and can become blocked by these negative emotions. That’s when you need chakra clearing or engage in some other  practices for clearing emotional blockages.


Disease come about when there is a blockage in the natural flow of the  life-force energy.

One symptom of energy (or emotional) blockage is that your life seem to be in a vicious cycle of poverty, sickness and grieve all year round with no apparent change.

If that is you, then access the free materials here and heal yourself. You don’t have to pay a dime for the free information provided on this website.


Brief View of The Energy Centers

The chakras of the body (or life force energy wheels) receives its power supply from the cosmic energy, (quantum field of energy in the universe), through the crown chakra and circulates it to the chakras in the body.

From the crown chakra down to the root chakra and back up again to the crown chakra, and continually moves around in that circular motion.


We become ill when this energy flow is blocked. The life force aura  seem to expand when we raise our consciousness.

It narrows and grows dimmer when there are blockages in the normal flow of life-force.


For example, negative emotions like non-forgiveness and hatred, which have a vibration frequency of around 30MHZ,  is close to the vibration of a dead human body.  Dead body is measured to vibrate at 20MHz.

700 MHZ is the frequency of enlightenment and 1000 MHZ is GOD frequency or God consciousness. Learn more about vibrational Frequencies HERE.


The 7 Major Energy Centers in Summary:

Chakras are energy centers that spin like a wheel or fan to stir the life force energy around our body. Like the fan that has blades to stir the air, chakras have petals to circulate the life force energy around the body.

The count of the petals varies among chakras. The crown chakra has the highest number of petals.  You can actually count the petals from the respective HD images above.


The energy centers are not physical things so can not see it with our naked eyes. They are in the spiritual body where our mind, emotions, and feeling exists. The body can connect to these energy centers and the spirit body through our emotions or feelings combined with thought.

You can check out the detailed information about the Chakras HERE.


The common practices or tools used to increasing life-force energy and Healing
  1. Conscious breathing with awareness
  2. Meditation,
  3. In Christianity; prayer, fasting prayer, and praise and worship
  4. healing Hypnosis
  5. Prana
  6. Chi Gong (Qi) Practice
  7. Reiki, and
  8. Quantum Healing
  9. Others


And consistent Gratitude and Positivity maintains the body’s vibration at a high level. But it must be a consistent habitual practice to keep the body at higher vibrations.







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